American Psycho Book Review

American Psycho Book ReviewAmerican Psycho Book Review


American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis where to start with this one, so this story is about Patrick Bateman he works in Wall Street, he’s handsome, shallow man who takes extra care of himself (nothing wrong with that, right?) but he’s also a gruesome serial killer.
I mean he is sadistic psychopath throughout the book he murders and torture prostitutes, his co worker, bums, dogs, children. I skipped the part when he murdered the child it was a hard enough to finish the book but a child no,no. Patrick prays on the weak and has a lots of videos to return.
Did he really kill all of this people he mentioned through out the book? I don’t know first of all he is unreliable narrator it could be anyone telling the story and who the hell is Marcus? The narrator made me question the police chase then he went to the office the next day as if nothing happened. It was rather confusing o.0. This is book is not for the faint heart it’s more violent than the movie starring the lovely Christian Bale and Jared Leto to name a few. One of the most disturbing reads aside from The Collector John Fowles and Gone girl Gillian Flynn. Overall I did enjoy the book.