Captive in the Dark Book Review

Captive in the Dark Book ReviewCaptive in the Dark Book Review

Oh my! This book is fucked up

I mean.

I’m just….


I’m loss for words.

Utterly speechless

I got this book because of the cover attracted my attention. It was free on kindle so why the hell not!

I knew what I was getting myself into when I read the back but damn!

If you’re looking for story about a boy meets girl this is not for you. Step away!

Captive in the dark is violent, dark, and disturbing and I loved it for it.

It has a heavy dose of stockholm syndrome. which made it even more shocking.

This is going in my most disturbing books list.

Some parts were hard to read.

The kidnapper looks like Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans (naturally) because kidnappers look like that don’t they??? I don’t know but don’t make him a troll he won’t appealing.

It’s well written.

Guess what? I’m still can’t get over it.