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Choosing POV (point of view) for your book.

Choosing POV (point of view) for your book.


Choosing POV (point of view) for your book


POV is the point of view dealing with the narration of the story. Think of it as playing it as a movie in your head and you are going to pick scenes for your book, in which point of view you want to tell it from. There are four types of point views:


First person pronoun “I” “me” “my”

Second Person pronoun “you”, “you’re”

Third Person Pronoun “He” “She” “her” “his”

Third Person (omniscient)


Choosing POV (point of view) for your book can be tricky and you have to pick the one you think is best for your story. You have to make sure; you carry on with the POV you have chosen. Meaning you don’t start with first person and then switch to second person as it can be confusing to follow along . Also your editor won’t be happy.


Let discuss examples of Point of Views.  Choosing POV (point of view) for your book


First Person


Choosing POV (point of view) for your book in first Person this most probably is the “easiest” and most common in fiction.  If you haven’t encountered a book with this point of view, I don’t know what on earth you had been reading. Here your character is narrating the story and recounting directly what is happening. The reader will know what that character is thinking, feeling, and expressing his/herself in their unique way.

Think of it as if you’re writing on a dairy.


Here is an example from the masterpiece Catcher in the Rye.


“One of the biggest reasons I left Elkton Hills was because I was surrounded by phonies. That’s all. They were coming in the goddam window. For instance, they had this headmaster, Mr. Haas, that was the phoniest bastard I ever met in my life. Ten times worse than old Thurmer. On Sundays, for instance, old Haas went around shaking hands with everybody’s parents when they drove up to school. He’d be charming as hell and all. Except if some boy had little old funny-looking parents.”


First person is limited.


Choosing POV (point of view) for your book


When you write in this narrative, keep my mind that your character will only say what he/she experienced. They can’t be everywhere so they can’t tell all sides of the story.


First person is basied.


The reader will sympathise with the character even if he/she is anti-hero. Keep in mind, there is the unreliable narrator, where the character choices not to say example like Catcher in the Rye, Lolita or Gone girl.


To Avoid.


Because you decide to write in this point view it doesn’t mean your character has to be perfect or likeable. Far from it. Take Lolita’s Humbert Humbert, I wouldn’t consider him likeable at all but he is interesting. Anti-hero’s make a great first person narrator’s.


Make sure you “show” and not “ tell “ with first person . This can be tricky is that you start write I did this I did that I went there and met so-so. Remember, to use the five senses when it comes to writing:








Second Person.


Choosing POV (point of view) for your book in second person. I’ve hardly read any Fiction in this point view, usually it’s used when you compose an email, lyrics, and in nonfiction. Yet, when  I read, two books in this prospective, which made me realise, how interesting it is. This gives a unique experience to the reader and the story feels more personal. It’s like the character is talking directly to the reader. This can effective for thrillers/mysteries, to increase the creepy element.


Here is an example what a second person narrative looks like from the amazing book that blew my mind called You


“You are classic and compact, my own little Natalie Portman circa the end of the movie Closer, when she’s fresh-faced and done with the bad British guys and going home to America. You’ve come home to me, delivered at last, on a Tuesday, 10:06 A.M. Every day I commute to this shop on the Lower East Side from my place in Bed-Stuy. Every day I close up without finding anyone like you. Look at you, born into my world today. I’m shaking and I’d pop an Ativan but they’re downstairs and I don’t want to pop an Ativan. I don’t want to come down. I want to be here, fully, watching you bite your unpainted nails and turn your head to the left, no, bite that pinky, widen those eyes, to the right, no, reject biographies, self-help (thank God), and slow down when you make it to fiction.”


I’m currently working on a book with this narrative and it’s so much fun you should try it 😉


Third Person (limited)

Choosing POV (point of view) for your book


Choosing POV (point of view) for your book in third person limited is when the narrator is recounting the story and is not present in it. Mainly it focuses on one particular character like in the Harry Potter books.  JK Rowling focused only on Harry.  



“When he was dressed he went down the hall into the kitchen. The table was almost hidden beneath all Dudley’s birthday presents. It looked as though Dudley had gotten the new computer he wanted, not to mention the second television and the racing bike. Exactly why Dudley wanted a racing bike was a mystery to Harry, as Dudley was very fat and hated exercise — unless of course it involved punching somebody. Dudley’s favourite punching bag was Harry, but he couldn’t often catch him. Harry didn’t look it, but he was very fast.”



Third Person Omniscient


This can be tricky to write but suitable if you have lots characters. This gives the reader the experience to know what’s happening everywhere, and what your characters are thinking, and feeling.


I wrote a brief example here


‘What is taking you so long?’ Sarah yelled tapping her feet as anger began to rise through her belly.


‘In a minute,’ Jack said, thinking, why am I married this horrid monster of a wife. As he put on his jacket.




Be careful to make your narration sound different from each other.





Choosing POV (point of view) for your bookIt can be confusing to write in third person omniscient, not recommended for writers starting out.  What is best is to use the method that J.R.R Martin uses in the Game of Thrones each character have separated scenes and chapter.


There is no guide to pick which narrative to use for your story . The most common are First person and Third person Limited. The trick is to experiment when it comes to writing. The more you write, the more you will learn, and enhance your craft.


Happy writing xx


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Basic methods of outlining a novel

Basic methods of outlining a novel


Basic methods of outlining a novel

Here are few tips in how to write an outline for a your novel these are the basic methods of outlining a novel. 


Do I have to write an outline for your novel? No, there are writers who are pansters, I will write a post about that later one. You can sit down and write, however outline works better for me. I’m not going to post a lot of examples to keep it as simple as possible as it can be overwhelming. Here a 2 basic steps of how you should outline:

Basic methods of outlining a novel

Step 1. You can write an outline for your novel by scribbling down a summary of the entire novel this is what I do and it’s my favorite method of outlining. Basically, you jolt down all of your ideas. You’ll be surprised how inspired you become. Make sure, you know your ending before you write that masterpiece. You can use this method then add dialogue, description so on.


Step 2. You can write an outline for your novel by doing a chapter by chapter summary, you write down a summary of each chapter how the story is going to evolve.


There is also the skeleton outline example:


-The story will take place in England.

-We are introduced to Franklin he’s goth and musician.

-Madeline is a patient in a mental hospital.


-Franklin father dies.

-Madeline escapes the hospital.

Rising Action

Franklin meets Madeline in a bar.

-Franklin escapes with her and start to see how dangerous this woman is.


-Franklin tries to escape from Madeline wrath.

-Madeline stabs him.

-Franklin manages to escape and drives to a hospital with a knife on his back, he arrives in the hospital but faints.


-Franklin is alive and well.

-Madeline was caught and committed to maximum security ward in the hospital.


Nano Wrimo five tips to get started

Nanowrimo five tips to get started.


Nanowrimo five tips to get started.


For those who don’t know , Nanowrimo stands for “National Novel Writing Month”. This is a worldwide event where writers challenge themselves to write 50K in a month. I started nanowrimo five years ago and won  5 times. When I first heard about it, I was like 50k in a month that is ridiculous who writes 50k in month? I’m a fast drafter myself I write about 1,200 everyday (i On a good day) so, I thought this is not going to be so bad. I can beat this.


Wirimo can be a challenging and wonderful experience , even if it’s just to achieve a personal goal. Here are my top five tips that I learned through the years:


Tip 1 –  Find a suitable time and a comfortable place to write.


See when you have a time to write. I normally write in the evenings because I work full time and that is when I have time to write. So, for you it could be in the morning or the afternoons see what works for you. It doesn’t have to be two hours even 15 minutes a day can help. Find a room you feel comfortable in, for me it’s in bed. I sit in front of a computer with a desk all day .I can’t write sitting in front of a desk again. So find a room that keeps you motivated.

Nanowrimo five tips to get started.

Tip 2 – Plan ahead.


To reach your goal of 50K means slightly more than 1,600 words every day. Those are many words , therefore it’s important to schedule, shopping, meals etc ahead,  because we need to eat, right? Prepare meals beforehand but I do not recommend junk food as you need lots of energy and junk doesn’t give you that, rather, it does the opposite. Let friends and family know you are going to be busy. For Americans you have thanks giving so you need to plan.


Tip 3 – Whatever you do, do not edit.


I repeat do not edit. I know there is a spelling or something that you can easily fix but you don’t have time for that. If you go to fix a particular sentence, you end up getting sucked into editing and before you know it, you are lost in there and you will never finish. I don’t edit. I do this after I finish the first draft so I can laugh at myself when I go to revise. So for all you control freaks keep this in mind don’t touch a single word from there.


Tip 4 create a playlistNanowrimo five tips to get started.


I write with music as it really puts me in the mood and inspires my writing of  the story . Also, I live in a noisy area so I need something to block out the distraction. So create a playlist it can be on I tunes, you tube, or Spotify this will serve as a soundtrack for the story you plan to write.



Tip 4 – Plot, Plot, Plot


  Plan , Plan , Plan your novel’s  outline. I never outlined my nimro and sometimes I end up getting stuck or filling unnecessary scenes just to reach my 50k so an outline can be handy. You don’t need a big fancy outline. Just jolt down a summary of your idea so you know what you have to write about before you start. Also, carry a notebook with you. It will be effective if you don’t have your laptop with you where you can jolt down words or ideas to be on track.


Bonus tip


Don’t forget to join the Nanowrimo groups and connect with other writes who are doing the same thing you are to help you be motivated and inspired.




Top five movies to watch to improve your dialogue.

Top five movies to watch to improve your dialogue.


A few weeks ago, I made a post regarding dialogue, this week; I’m going to make a list of the top five movies with great dialogue that can help you improve your writing.  As I said, dialogue can be tricky to write but with enough practice doesn’t have to. These movies in my opinion have great dialogue to help you achieve writing realistic dialogue that helps the reader discover something about the character. So, here we go:




Top five movies to watch to improve your dialogue.


It has been a while since I’ve watched this movie, but I still remember the dialogue between the characters. The story is based on two couples who have nothing in common, the man meets the woman of another and their relationships turn deceitful.


“ There’s a moment, there’s always a moment, “I can do this, I can give into this, or I can resist it”, and I don’t know when your moment was, but I bet you there was one. ” – 







American Beauty.


       Top five movies to watch to improve your dialogue.     This movie is now considered a classic. If you haven’t watched this you’re missing out. It has quite a few funny moments. We have a man in his forties who becomes infatuated by his daughter’s best friend.


Carolyn Burnham: My husband, Lester.
Buddy Kane: It’s a pleasure.
Lester Burnham: Oh, we’ve met before, actually. This thing last year, Christmas at the Sheraton…
Buddy Kane: [pretends to remember] Oh yeah, yes…
Lester Burnham: It’s OK, I wouldn’t remember me either.
Carolyn Burnham: [laughs nervously] Honey, don’t be weird.
Lester Burnham: OK honey, I won’t be weird. I’ll be whatever what you want me to be.
[Lester kisses Carolyn wildly, then looks at the Real Estate King]
Lester Burnham: We have a very healthy relationship.
Buddy Kane: I see.
Lester Burnham: Well, don’t know about you guys, but I need a drink.



In Bruges


Top five movies to watch to improve your dialogue.Another one of the top five movies to watch to improve your dialogue. This movie is somewhat unusual and dark. It’s about two hit men going to Belgium to hide whilst waiting for further instructions from their Dublin crime lord. This movie’s dialogue is as hilarious as it is good.


Harry: [to Yuri] An Uzi? I’m not from South Central Los fucking Angeles. I didn’t come here to shoot twenty black ten year olds in a drive-by. I want a normal gun for a normal person.    




Inglourious Basterds 


Top five movies to watch to improve your dialogue.I’ve mentioned this movie in the post about writing suspense. Quentin Tarantino never disappoints.

Also , Pulp Fiction is another excellent Tarantino movie to watch for dialogue. On the last post, I suggested that you should sit somewhere and listen to how people talk, well this movie has this example.  The opening scene of this movie is a simple scene with two men in a room talking about common things (but in the meantime you know that shit is about to hit the fan).


The opening scene form Inglorious Basterds is just fantastic, here’s a brief part of it:

Col. Hans Landa: “What a tremendously hostile world that a rat must endure. Yet not only does he survive, he thrives. Because our little foe has an instinct for survival and preservation second to none… And that, Monsieur, is what a Jew shares with a rat.




The Godfather part one and two. 


Top five movies to watch to improve your dialogue.Top five movies to watch to improve your dialogue.It was hard to pick number one but this is by far my top pick.  Goes without saying that this film is definitely a classic and one of the greatest movies ever made. Not only does this movie have great dialogue but it also has great characters and overall plot line. 


“A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.’


And the infamous.



“I ‘ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.”



Hope you enjoyed the top five movies to watch to improve your dialogue. got a movie with great dialogue in mind? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 


Happy writing xxx

Top 5 tips to write dialogue.

Writing dialogue:Top 5 tips to write dialogue.


Writing dialogue:Top 5 tips to write dialogue.

Writing dialogue:Top 5 tips to write dialogue.

Writing dialogue:Top 5 tips to write dialogue. Writing dialogue is one of the most important fundamental aspects in creative writing. This is where your characters come to life and their personalities shine through. These are the magic ingredients which makes the reader fall in love with them or hate them to their core. Dialogue can be tricky as it needs to sound realistic but you can’t add the general day to day conversation. These five tips will you help you to write better dialogue and bring those characters to life.


 1. Listen to conversations and write them down.

When I was doing a self-editing course, the editor suggested we should listen to conversations. As writers, we are observant and this can be a major pro. Observe a conversation, it can be with your co-workers, at school or wherever. Listen to a conversation in a café, and jolt everything down. Notice how people change the subject in a matter minutes, this should reflect in your writing too.

2. Keep dialogue tags simple.


Writing dialogue:Top 5 tips to write dialogue.

Writing dialogue:Top 5 tips to write dialogue.

  Don’t use fancy dialogue tags. I know, the word “said” can sound boring. We writers want to be creative. When I started critiquing manuscripts, I noticed how distracting it is to use different dialogue tags. Don’t know what I mean? Here is example.
  “Hi Sam,” Jean said.
  “Hello Jean” Sam replied.
  “Haven’t you heard!’ Jean exclaimed.
  “What?’ Sam asked.
  “Bob was hit by car!” Jean declared.
‘Oh, that’s terrible when?’ Sam cried.
Doesn’t that pull you away from the story? Keep it simple and stick with “said” or “asked” as those are the “invisible” tags. That kind of dialogue screams amateur. It is not a crime to add, “Shouted,” “yelled,” or “hissed” to make a point but not a continuous bombardment like the above example. Also, remember, your readers are smart and will be able to distinguish who is talking.  So no need to add “said” after that speaking character all the time.
Tip: if you are going to use yelled stick with just yelled don’t write “yelled loudly” we know that yelling is loud don’t add unnecessary words your editor will thank you. 
Another tip in writing dialogue:Top 5 tips to write dialogue.


3. Use body language to bring out the emotions and to avoid using too much dialogue tags.

Writing dialogue:Top 5 tips to write dialogue.

Writing dialogue:Top 5 tips to write dialogue.

Instead of using dialogue tags, you can describe your character’s body language. By doing so, you are showing what your characters are feeling. Like the below example:
Richard’s hand clutched round the glass. I feared it would smash on his hands.  He stood and followed me in the kitchen.  ‘Well, ain’t that relief, let’s open a bottle of champagne and celebrate, shall we?’ slamming the glass on the table, ‘how could you do something like this!’
He kept watching me with a hard look upon his face.  ‘Well? What do you have to say for yourself?’
              I turned crossing my hands against my chest, ‘… I just…’
                  ‘What?’ He shouted.
I turned my back to him and poured red wine on the glass. Richard stomped towards me ‘what!’
By the slamming of glass and the stomping of the foot, we know that Richard is angry at his wife. Hardly any dialogue tags needed.


4. Don’t include everything and Keep dialogue realistic.


Think of how you would talk to people but as I said, you can’t include everything. If your character went to the supermarket to by milk, you don’t have to include the conversation between him and the cashier. That will bore the reader. But if your character went the supermarket to buy milk and there is a burglary than yes, include the dialogue as that would spark interest. Dialogue needs to reveal something about your character but don’t do this:
 “Hello Jenny, my dear friend of ten years who has black hair, blue eyes and high cheekbones!’
Do you get my point? Do you talk to your friend like this?
And make sure you read it aloud.  
Another tip Writing dialogue:Top 5 tips to write dialogue.

5. Watch movies/TV shows to enhance your dialogue.

Writing dialogue:Top 5 tips to write dialogue.

Writing dialogue:Top 5 tips to write dialogue.

Movies are all about dialogue . Movies are fun way to see how it’s done and help you improve. I’ll will do a post about movies with great dialogue to help you get creative on the next post so, stay tuned.
Bonus tip: I recommend reading this book to learn about dialogue.   How to Write Dazzling Dialogue : The Fastest Way to Improve Any Manuscript






Thriller movies to watch to help you with writing.

Thriller movies to watch to help you with your writing.


    For those who don’t know, I am a thriller, mystery writer and I’m attempting to write and edit my debut novel. Meanwhile, I am saving up for an editor. Editors are expensive but necessary; anyway, I will talk about editors in the near future. By no means I’m claiming to be an expert, I’m not but I’m sharing my journey of what I learned through my experience as writer. I have been writing for myself since I was 16 (now I’m in my 30s) and have about seven unpublished manuscripts. I learned a thing or two but I’m still learning and growing to become better.


  This post is about thriller movies (worth your while ) to watch. Especially if you are, like me an inspiring thriller/ mystery writer. Movies might not be books but they can be effective to your creative progress. I get inspired through music, books, and movies along other things. Movies have a script and they deliver that infamous trick in writing: to show and not tell. You can appreciate how well crafted the scenes are through movies, these can be implemented in your writing, and of course in the most important part of writing, the dialogue. Here are my top five favourites.


  Rear Window


  Thriller movies to watch to help you with your writing.   First movie in my list is one of my personal favourites. The opening shot is a masterpiece , but the again how could it not be when directed by the master of suspense himself Alfred Hitchcock. If you are looking on how to create the art of suspense in your novel, this comes highly recommend.

Every wondered what life would be without Facebook? We mostly probably would be scoping at our neighbours with… binoculars. See where I’m going with this?  To take a glimpse of their life.

   Our hero suddenly finds himself is in wheel chair and so he is rather helpless and bored ,to kill boredom he starts to peep on his neighbours, and then he sees something fishy and at the same time terrifying , one of his neighbours might have committed murder.


Inglourious Basterds


 Thriller movies to watch to help you with your writing.  Maybe it doesn’t classify as a thriller but the opening scene of this movie is a must watch also for suspense. This movie has two particular scenes that cause a lot of tension.

  1. The opening where we have the farmer and the Nazi Hans Landa (nicknamed as the Jew hunter). It’s clever how Tarantino developed this scene as the farmer and Landa are having a discussion but Tarantino gives us a shot of what is under his floorboards. The farmer,is hiding a Jewish family. This raises the question, does Landa suspects already? Doesn’t he? Of course, the farmer confesses the truth and Landa orders to have the family killed but the girl runs away.

  1. The second time Tarantino does the same thing later on in the movie. Years later, the girl Shosanna Dreyfus, who had her family killed beside her in the above scene , is introduced to Landa and the tension starts to build again does he know? Did recognise her? Doesn’t he?


Basic Instinct


  To the sexy side of things ,  but despite the eroticism in this movie we can’t deny that this an entertaining thriller with one of the sexiest female villains (Sharon stone), a seductive bestselling novelist who had her boyfriend killed the same way as described in her book. I still don’t get how writing a book gives you an alibi I thought it was supposed to mean that have to be in another place when a crime have occurred. Anyway, this movie can give you a good idea of how to build sexual tension and the cat and mouse chase.







China Town


   Thriller movies to watch to help you with your writing.Another film tin the list of thriller movies to watch to help you with your writing.This film story line is so good that I thought it was based on book. It wasn’t. If you are, aspiring to write a story with a private detective in it and in need of some motivation for a good plot to create a stunning twists. I won’t say much about it, you have to see for yourself 😉











Thriller movies to watch to help you with your writing. Last one this list of Thriller movies to watch to help you with your writing.This is also my favourite thriller, I never get tired of watching it after all those years. You’re thinking of writing a thriller or crime novel with a serial killer? This is for you, seven people, not one of them connected, seven murders, all based on the seven deadly sins. Every scene in this movie is moody and dark that reflects the overall theme of the story. I love how they never mention the town and of course what’s in the box?




On a letter note you can also check out;







Have a movie in mind let me know down the comments below. 


Happy writing 



Five ways to improve your English if English is your second language.

Five ways to improve your English: If English is your second language.

Five ways to improve your English English is complicated and hard language but the good news it’s not the most difficult to learn. These five simple tricks will help you improve your English and you can speak or write more confidently.


Do a crash course.

    First tip on five ways to improve your English, if English is your second language. Nowadays with the internet, you can search for anything and everything is at your fingertips. Just go to You Tube and listen to the many English teachers teaching grammar and word pronunciation .Best of all it’s FREE.




The Dictionary

Five ways to improve your English
I’m not telling you to study it from front to back but if you come across a word you never heard of look it up in your dictionary, or even better search on google there are plenty of online dictionaries. Also, today there are mobile apps that can help with a touch a button.







Five ways to improve your English
 Don’t worry, I’m not telling you to become the next…..George R.R Martin and write a 1000 page novel. Writing and storytelling definitely improve your English because writing, among many sacrifices, involves lots and lots of thought. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that it requires even more coffee and patience when putting words on paper in a foreign language. The more you write, the better your English will become. If you don’t know the word in English you can always translate (it not always accurate).  Trust me you will get better. So experiment and write a short story.






Watch movies or TV shows

 Five ways to improve your English  Watching movies in English can improve your English. Apart from entertaining yourself whilst listening you can also add subtitles. The more TV you watch in English the better you will get at it.












Read, Read and Read and do more reading/ listen to audio books too.


Five ways to improve your EnglishLast tip on five ways to improve your English. I see many posts in Facebook groups of people asking how to improve their English if they want to write or just speak it. I always recommend this: read, read and read and did I mention read? Read novels, fiction, non-fiction, magazines, newspapers, even the back of the cereal box.
Found a new word? Write it down, search its meaning. Also listen to audio books.  Remember by reading you are learning at the same time. Through Movies and TV Shows, you are also listening how to words are begin pronounced and expressed. Apart from the flow and pace of the words.
 So those were my tips to improve your English if English is your second language. Hope this will help you in the meantime. Happy reading and writing xxx.


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Top five BEST Thrillers I’ve read this summer.

Five Thrillers to Read this summer (if you’re having hard time picking)


Here is a list of my five thrillers to read this summer. that you can read while on holiday, relaxing by the beach, or with a glass of wine.


Behind Closed Doors By by B.A. Paris


 five thrillers to read this summerThe first on this list of five thrillers to read this summer. This book is chilling, it’s about Grace and Jack the envy of all couples, or so it seems. He has the looks (if you like the George Clooney feel in a man.) and wealth. She’s beautiful and elegant. They are never seen apart, it seems like true love. But why does she never meets her friends for coffee, although she doesn’t work? Why does she never answers her phone? How does she cooks those elaborate meals and still remains so slim. But more puzzling, why are there behind bars on the windows?









The Gift by Louise Jensen


 five thrillers to read this summer

Finished this books recently and it’s brilliant. Jenna had a heart transplant and she wants to know about her donor, a girl called, Callie. Jenna begins to feel what her donor felt before she died. Creepy right? She meets Callie’s still grieving family. Jenna looked like she had the perfect life and the perfect daughter. As Jenna begins to investigate what could have happened to Callie, the more unsettling the truth will become.









The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena


 five thrillers to read this summer


Another great thriller to read this summer The story begins with Ann and Marco a normal, rich couple. With a six-month-old girl, Cora. They are invited to a dinner party hosted by their next-door neighbour Cynthia. One thing though, they left their daughter asleep alone in the house, while they take turns to watch over her every half an hour. By 1:00pm, Ann, who has had too much drink, is tired, and feeling depressed, urges her husband to go home. When they go back to their house, they find the front door open and their beloved daughter gone.







Dean’s List by Stacy Claflin


 five thrillers to read this summer


Lydia Harris knows her marriage to Dean has problems, but when she finds a box full of news clippings, coupled with the great pains he took to conceal, the problems go from disappointing to dangerous. Nation-wide murders… in cities where he has travelled. She doesn’t want to believe him capable of such violence, so she searches for clues to explain the hidden clippings.












Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

 five thrillers to read this summer



This had to the best thrillers to read this summer, if not this year. I can’t say much because everything can be a spoiler. It’s famous for its ending and I assure you its mind blowing. I can’t presume that you will like it but to me it was simply brilliant. Louise is a single mother who meets a man in a bar and kisses him even though she knows he’s married. When Louise arrives at work on Monday, she meets her new boss, David, the man from the bar. His wife is Adele, a beautiful woman who’s new to town. Louise and Adele become friends. Louise has an affair with David. Adele seems terrified of her husband. You’re in for a surprise for this one.






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Happy reading xx

Five ways to add reading into your busy schedule:

Five ways to add reading into a busy schedule: Few tips to find reading time.


  We’re all way too busy with fussy schedules that stop us to do things that we love doing. We drop our hobbies in the back burner to do adult things. I have a full-time job, a part time job, and I write. As a writer, I need to read to get better and become inspired, without reading, I won’t write. Here are five ways to add reading into a busy schedule.


Set a reading Goal:


Five ways to add reading into a busy schedule Goodreads have an excellent reading challenge where you can set the goal you want to read throughout the year. It can be 20, 50, or a 100 books it’s up to you. Don’t overdo it, it’s better to aim  small.  You can always go back and increase the challenge as you go along. I find this useful as last year, Ive read about 60 books. This year, I set the goal for 75. I am already at 45 with 8 books ahead of the reading schedule.




Try to put some time aside dedicated only to reading.


A method to add reading into a busy schedule is to put some time aside for reading. It doesn’t have to be two hours, even half an hour will do. Just switch off your phone or put it on silent, fill a glass of wine, or coffee, and pick up that book . Find a comfortable position, a bed or sofa and start reading.


Pick a format you enjoy


  Five ways to add reading into a busy scheduleAnother way to add reading into a busy schedule is by picking a format you enjoy. In this day and age, we have so many book formats to choose from. Such as PDF, Kindle, paperback, hardbacks, and audio. I always say the book will remain THE book. Nothing beats the feeling of the paper in your fingertips, the smell, but I’m book lover. I always prefer the physical thing it’s more sentimental.  I read kindles too  it’s not the same at all, but hey, see what works for you.


Buy cheaper books.


 Let’s face it books can be expensive bookworms splash a lot of money on books without a blink of an eye, but everyone loves a bargain right? Bookdepository offers discounted books and it’s free shipping worldwide say what? Yes, it’s free shipping. There also is Awesomebooks where you can purchases second hand books. Amazon is another holy grail for books. For digital ones you can sign up to sites such as Freado Bookbub Bookrebel Instafreebie and more. Those sites will have kindles as low as $0.99 even free, yes FREE! And of course you can head to your local charity shop or borrow books in the library.


Listen to Audio books


Five ways to add reading into a busy schedule:  Another way to add reading into a busy schedule are audio books. Audiobooks are a good way to read more, well technically listen. The experience is different as you can’t see the words, or where the commas are placed but I find them so effective. You can listen while you’re driving, doing the house cores, exercise, or while you’re cooking. I managed to reach my yearly goal with them. You can sign up with audible for free for the first a month. Personally, I go to Youtube it’s filled with audiobooks and it’s always free.



Hope this helps here is a book recommendations to add into your reading lists Top-5-must-read-thrillers and Top five overrated books worth reading.


Happy reading xx

Top 5 Must Read thrillers.

Top 5 Must Read thrillers.


 Since I am an inspiring crime/thriller writer this is the genre I read the most. Don’t get me wrong, I read other genres but nothing beats a good suspenseful story where it keeps you guessing what’s going to happen next, who is the killer? Thrillers are page tuners. So here are my top 5 must read thrillers that I recommend to read if you are getting started in this genre or looking for your next read, either for on the beach or to relax with a glass of wine.


Killing me Softly by Nicci French


 Top 5 Must Read thrillers

This is one of my favourite books. I read this when I was 16 (long time ago) and a little too young to read a story with such themes of sex and violence. I keep going to it again and again, it inspired me to write thrillers in the first place. I describe this book with the three S’s; scary, suspenseful, and sexy. This heart-pounding thriller starts with one of the greatest opening lines I ever encountered


“He knew he was going to die”


Isn’t that a hook or what? It makes you wonder who’s going to die? Tell me! That’s the prologue, than the story jumps to Alice. She has seems to have everything; a comfortable, safe life, the loving, caring boyfriend, close friends, and a job as a research scientist. One morning, she locks eyes with a man so beautiful, he takes her breath away (it has romance in it.) She goes to work and forgets about him, until she goes out for her lunch break, and finds him standing on the pavement, waiting for her. Creepy right? She goes and has sex with him without knowing his name 0.o you might say hold on a second, how I’m going to relate this? You don’t have to. Driven by wild passion for Adam a mountaineer who was involved in a climbing disaster, she leaves everything behind and marries him without knowing anything about him. Stupid move but anyway.


That’s when things start to get spooky. Mysterious notes, phone calls, women knocking on her door claiming that she taken Adam away from them, so Alice goes to dig into his past and discovers disturbing secrets. The climbing disaster might have not been accidental at all. If you love steamy sex mixed with suspense this book is for you.


P.s The movie version of this book is horrendous does no justice to the book. Terrible.


The Collector by John Fowles


  Top 5 Must Read thrillers

  This book was a debut novel by John Fowles. One of his famous novels is “The French Lieutenant’s Woman.” This is considered a classic among classics. I know some people roll their eyes when they hear those words but hear me out for a second. This book is mind blowing, chilling and creepy as AF.


   We have Fredrick an uneducated, unloved, and a collector of butterflies.    A beautiful, intelligent art student Miranda infuriates him. When he wins a large sum of money in the football pools, he quits his job, buys a remote house, and kidnaps her with a false hope that she will fall madly in love with him. The story is told through the captor’s point view and the victim’s point of view, that’s what makes it so brilliant.


   I recently watched a TV investigation show (research purposes) about two young men who kidnapped women, locked them in the cellar, raped and tortured and finally killed them. Cutting a long story short, when the police went to search the premises, in the cellar they found a copy of this book. As the investigation carried on the police found dozen bodies buried by the area of the house. One killer found the other was never caught. Scary Stuff.





Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris


Top 5 Must Read thrillers

A must read thriller, the second of the series. “Red Dragon” was the first, this book tells a story of a Buffalo Bill a scary fucko who kidnaps and kills curvy women for their skin.  In silence of the Lambs we find Clarice, a trainee detective who is assigned to interview the brilliant but dangerous and now one of the most iconic villains Hannibal Lector, in an asylum. He is the one that can help in the case.


What makes this character so dangerous was that he was a forensic psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer. Which makes everything much worse. Is it just me that found him charming? Read the book, no need to read the first one you’ll be fine.

Ps. The movie is also fantastic.








Misery by Stephen King.


Top 5 Must Read thrillers


More into the horror side of things but it’s also a thriller. Misery is about a famous historical romance author Paul. He is involved in car crash and saved by Annie Wilkes, his biggest fan. She is not just your average avid reader. She is his nurse, tending his shattered body, and his captor keeping him prisoner in her isolated home.


 When she finds out that, he killed off her favourite character Misery Chastain (he wanted to be known for books that are more serious.) Annie goes into angry fit. She burns the only copy he had of his unpublished manuscript and then forces him to bring Misery back to life by writing another novel she wants. This woman is just terrifying, definitely one of Stephen King’s best novels in my opinion.









And There Were None By Agatha Christie


Top 5 Must Read thrillers

Last and not least is the queen of mystery who got her ideas for her books whilst washing the dishes.  This is one of her most famous books, having sold 100 million copies, and is considered her masterpiece and it is. The story is so original a must read thriller.


We have 10 strangers summoned to a beautiful house in a private island in Devon by an erratic millionaire that never shows up. In their rooms, they all have a poem “Ten Little Indians” on the dinner table there are ten figurines. Those same ten people are accused of committing crimes in the past. One by one, they start to die according to the way the soldiers/Indians die in the poem. Every time someone dies; a figurine is removed from the dinner table until there were none.


   I love the simplicity in her writing no big fancy words, no 500-page novel with lots of back-story to cause confusion. It’s simple and to the point.


Happy reading and writing xx