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Thirteen reasons why Jay Asher Book Review

Thirteen reasons why Jay Asher Book Review


Thirteen reasons why Jay Asher Book ReviewThirteen reasons why is about Clay Jansen, his school is mourning for the death of Hannah Baker, he comes home to find a package for him. When he opens the package, he finds set of tapes, curious and baffled he plays them to get the shock of his life, the tapes are recorded by Hannah, the girl who committed suicide. As you can imagine this story is intense and raw. There a total of thirteen tapes, (that’s why the title is Thirteen reasons why) where Hannah states her thirteen reasons why she done it and sent to people responsible and to be passed on.


So, this story deals with a rather sensitive issue. Some of those kids were horrible to Hannah, they bullied her spreaded false rumors about her.
I do think that Hannah took it a step too far, her suicide was a plea for attention and revenge against those bullies. It was selfish of her to put her parents through that ordeal and if she seeked help, she did yes by the school counsel told her to simply “move on” when addressing some of her issues. She should have seeked it elsewhere. Suicide isn’t the answer, this is the message of the story.
I think what Hannah did those tapes as a  form of a suicide note which was manipulative and a get back at the people who wrong her. However, Torturing them like that for the rest of their lives in that manner? Yes, some of them deserved it.

Some people my opinion didn’t deserve to be on tapes:

Caly why did she included him on the tapes? He done nothing to her!  He barely knew her. He was dragged in the whole mess when she should have left him out.

Ryan I didn’t think he deserved to be tortured like that compared to what the others did (spoiler) publishing a poem without her permission. It was anonymous not even her name was in it. It’s something any high school student would do. Yes, it was cruel but not a reason enough to commit suicide over.

And why did she go Bryce’s party knowing what he done? Why? It’s likes going to lion’s den and expecting not be eaten, it’s like as if Hannah was looking for something that would break her uttley.


Please keep in mind:

Hannah didn’t commit suicide because she was bullied but because she was mentally unstable. Whoever is reading this please remember that and this coming from someone who was bullied harshly in school. Yes, it does affect you, yes people are shit and yes it breaks your spirit but you pick yourself up and carry on. I believe the biggest revenge you can give to those bullies is to find happiness and be successful.

Thirteen reasons why is heartbreaking story and Clay deeply cared for Hannah. He loved her I wish she did open up to him. I’m sure he would have helped her. The ending part of the book where he’s looking at her desk and says that he no longer sees her again was too emotional that it made me cry.

Thirteen reasons why Jay Asher Book Review
Tip: if you decide to read the book take in consideration that it deals with uncomfortable issues and if you feeling depressed or going to a trauma in your life don’t read it.


Be Safe and if you need help please go and seek it I  know that when people don’t take these matters seriously (which is a shame) there are helplines where you can ask for help.

Gone Girl Gillian Flynn Book Review

Gone Girl Gillian Flynn Book Review

Gone Girl Gillian Flynn book review

I’ve read “Gone Girl” before the movie came out, I always meant to read it so I finally ordered it hoping it won’t be another disappointed that usually happens when books become hyped. I was so wrong “Gone Girl” is disturbing one of the few stories that shocked me, so much, that I couldn’t believe it once I finish it. I couldn’t get over it and I still can’t.
Gone Girl is a story is about Amy and Nick a beautiful couple after their fifth wedding anniversary she disappears and the police begin to suspect Nick. Amy’s friend tells the police his wife was afraid of him. Nick swears it isn’t true. The book is told by Nick’s point of view, Amy’s diary entries and than the real Amy this is when shit starts to get creepy. This is a woman you don’t want to cross. Some say that Amy’s character is a villain she is but when she begins her monologue I found myself nodding and agree with her because what she says is so true.
Here is the famous quote from the book which was shorten in the movie.


“Men always say that as the defining compliment, don’t they? She’s a cool girl. Being the Cool Girl means I am a hot, brilliant, funny woman who adores football, poker, dirty jokes, and burping, who plays video games, drinks cheap beer, loves threesomes and anal sex, and jams hot dogs and hamburgers into her mouth like she’s hosting the world’s biggest culinary gang bang while somehow maintaining a size 2, because Cool Girls are above all hot. Hot and understanding. Cool Girls never get angry; they only smile in a chagrined, loving manner and let their men do whatever they want. Go ahead, shit on me, I don’t mind, I’m the Cool Girl. Men actually think this girl exists. Maybe they’re fooled because so many women are willing to pretend to be this girl. For a long time Cool Girl offended me. I used to see men — friends, coworkers, strangers — giddy over these awful pretender women, and I’d want to sit these men down and calmly say: You are not dating a woman, you are dating a woman who has watched too many movies written by socially awkward men who’d like to believe that this kind of woman exists and might kiss them.”
Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl

Wild Boy Andy Taylor.

This line on Nick Rhodes:

“Fuck you, you revlon wearing tosser.” bahahaha.

From what I gathered Andy was the least favorite band member dubbed by fans as the ugly one. He wasn’t, I’ve seen interviews of him, he’s handsome and a great guitarist. Compared to John Taylor’s book, this is more entertaining and hilarious. Whilst John Taylor has a more diplomatic voice, you can tell he’s more sensitive while Andy, still maintain class, he doesn’t hold back. It has plenty of juicy bits and funny stories. Learnt more about the band members in this one.

Simon Le Bon-Optimistic, adventurous, funny, fat? I beg to defer.
Roger Taylor- Shy, quiet, avoids confrontation.
Andy Taylor-The rock n roller, hilarious, down earth, a hot head?
John Taylor- Sensitive, warm, too stunning for his own good, a coke head.
And last and not least.
Nick Rhodes-Another stunner, the brains in the band, arty, glamorous. A douche?

There is a funny story how the band pranked Nick during a live show by bringing a stripper the ugliest they could find while doing his solo and his than ex-wife Julianne went berserk. It had me screaming with laughter. Andy gives the impression that Julianne is an utter bitch.

Another funny story when they were filming the video for “Save a Prayer” upsetting monks and Andy falling in a puddle full of elephant piss (yikes)

He talks about his childhood and when he joined Duran Duran, and the early Rum Runner days and how him and Nick didn’t get along. At all.

The thing is he kept telling how Nick is controlling, bossy, hard to be around, let alone work it but he doesn’t bring an example as a writer you have to show me not tell me. The only time he mentioned an argument was than they were both drunk. He was a vague and a little exaggerated, although this is well written book (ghost written I suppose.) I’m not picking sides here but it got me asking if Nick is so unbearable than why he didn’t get sacked? How the other band members put up with him after all those years? I mean Andy was the one that left the band. Twice. He seemed quite hot tempered maybe the story needed a villain so Nick Rhodes fitted into it. I don’t know.

I found it a little overbearing when Andy kept criticizing Nick for hooking up with a rich model/heiress about bringing her tour with him and that she’s not one of them. I think that was Nick’s problem and if he was happy at the time so be it.

There is a lot of drama involving the band, he doesn’t hold back on John’s cocaine addiction and other issues while reading I thought no wonder Roger left I would do the same. But he’s back now and more talkative.

This got to be the best biography I read about this band highly recommend it. Probably the best I read since Motley Crue’s The Dirt.

The Quickie James James Patterson

The Quickie James Patterson

The Quickie James Patterson

Read three of his books and are enough to distinguish what his others are about, same characters, same plot and writing style, short and sweet chapters. This guy doesn’t even write his own books! It gets tedious after a while. You can check my review for the honey over here http://:

So, The Quickie begins with a detective Lauren, she sees her husband, Paul leaving a hotel with another woman and jumps to all the wrong conclusions as one might do. What she does? She goes off and have a “quickie” as the title suggests with Scott, another detective only, she looks out the her window to see her husband loading her lover’s limp body into the trunk of a car.



American Psycho Book Review

American Psycho Book ReviewAmerican Psycho Book Review


American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis where to start with this one, so this story is about Patrick Bateman he works in Wall Street, he’s handsome, shallow man who takes extra care of himself (nothing wrong with that, right?) but he’s also a gruesome serial killer.
I mean he is sadistic psychopath throughout the book he murders and torture prostitutes, his co worker, bums, dogs, children. I skipped the part when he murdered the child it was a hard enough to finish the book but a child no,no. Patrick prays on the weak and has a lots of videos to return.
Did he really kill all of this people he mentioned through out the book? I don’t know first of all he is unreliable narrator it could be anyone telling the story and who the hell is Marcus? The narrator made me question the police chase then he went to the office the next day as if nothing happened. It was rather confusing o.0. This is book is not for the faint heart it’s more violent than the movie starring the lovely Christian Bale and Jared Leto to name a few. One of the most disturbing reads aside from The Collector John Fowles and Gone girl Gillian Flynn. Overall I did enjoy the book.

Lolita Book Review

Lolita Book ReviewLolita Book Review


Well… R Kelly fans (Joke) I took this book with me while on holiday and read it on my coach rides. The way it’s written it’s unique. I never came a book with such voice and style yet. I found it difficult to read though. This was Nabokov first book he wrote in English. At first, I enjoyed the book I wanted to understand Humbert but the more I turned the pages the angrier I got.

He held that girl hostage forbidding her to take part in after-school activities or to associate with boys. I couldn’t sympathies with a pedophile, a pervert and a snob who uses beautiful words. I was pleased that by the end Humbert got what he deserved. Although its listed one of the best 100 books of all time sorry I didn’t enjoy it that much. Everyone has an opinion what makes a book great don’t need to shove it on my face.

P.S I think that when she died giving birth she was set free.

Captive in the Dark Book Review

Captive in the Dark Book ReviewCaptive in the Dark Book Review

Oh my! This book is fucked up

I mean.

I’m just….


I’m loss for words.

Utterly speechless

I got this book because of the cover attracted my attention. It was free on kindle so why the hell not!

I knew what I was getting myself into when I read the back but damn!

If you’re looking for story about a boy meets girl this is not for you. Step away!

Captive in the dark is violent, dark, and disturbing and I loved it for it.

It has a heavy dose of stockholm syndrome. which made it even more shocking.

This is going in my most disturbing books list.

Some parts were hard to read.

The kidnapper looks like Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans (naturally) because kidnappers look like that don’t they??? I don’t know but don’t make him a troll he won’t appealing.

It’s well written.

Guess what? I’m still can’t get over it.

Driven Book Review

Driven Book ReviewDriven Book Review

Oh boy! What I got myself into. I listened the audio of this while at work, it practically made me scream with laughter. This book is such a cliche, was this traditionally published? I like my cheese where it belongs in my food thank you. The plot is ridiculous, and again cheesy.
Driven is about Riley miss good and proper or so she says. She locks herself in storage room to be rescued by this mozzarella stick of a man. This walking cheese stick was making out in the corridor with another girl before he moved to her. Miss good and proper starts making out with this guy ew! She comes into her senses and pushes him away.
The hero Colton there is no way a man beds women with those lines, it’s laughable! Do women consider this sexy? Seriously? He’s the usual cliche with a six pack, because men without toned abs, are not beautiful or sexy, he needs to have a six pack. *roll eyes* he’s confident or so miss proper says a few of his classic lines:
“The best sex you’re going to have is with me?”
“You know I’m good with my hands.”
“And I have the right tools to give it to you.”
A confident man doesn’t have to say that, he doesn’t have too. In the contrary, it makes him sound insecure. His commentary during sex scenes was major turn off. Will this man ever shut up! Silly man. The hero is written from female point of view, how a woman thinks a man talks or acts. He sounded too feminine.
Nothing forgetting, that our lip biting heroine has three orgasms in a row. No wonder why women have such high expectations in men. What men has to put with it. Books takes us to another world from real life, but this is unrealistic in it’s best. Or I’m living a boring life, I don’t know.
The sex scene were tastefully done, not pornographic the writer did well on this. The writing was good.
So, he bets on her to have a date with him, there is contract (Fifty shades of grey?)And stalking. Stalking is so sexy such a turn on to be stalked around by a hot guy. Not! Restraining order! The usual he’s messed up, unwilling to commit, and the woman that will change him. Ugh! Oh he’s adopted (again, Fifty shades of grey?)
This is not the type of genre I would normally read/listen to. I chose this book for entertainment, to ease the boredom of my tedious work. It was entertaining. The soundtrack is also corny. If you run out of mozzarella for your pizza, you can put this book instead and you’re done.
In Driven, Riley knew what type of a man Colton is, he’s up front with his painful dialogue still she sleeps with him hoping that she would have relationship with him? To change him? He rejects her and what does she do? She sleeps with him, again. A doormat who whines, she’s getting hurting, than honey you had coming. No sympathy. I liked his sister funnily enough despite the bitchiness. Meow! The ending was predictable.

Black Widow Book Review

Black Widow Book Review

Black Widow Book Review


Black Widow begins with Preston, he likes to indulges in err… sex clubs his wife finds out, and commits suicide. Kamii is a widowed attorney who just made partner. She has no life and likes reading erotic novels until, she meets Becca, and the two quickly become friends. Becca introduces Kamii to the new world of yes you guessed it! Sex clubs. The sex club belongs to Preston, they wear masks, not allowed to have sex outside the club, but it’s okay to have sex with strangers?

Becca is murdered and from erotica, the book spins into a thriller/mystery/suspense, which is right up my alley. An enjoyable read even I couldn’t identify with any of the characters. If you’re bored, I recommend this it keeps you in the edge of your seat.

The Honey Moon James Patterson Book Review

 The Honeymoon James PattersonThe Honeymoon James Patterson


I checked on Good Reads for the reviews of this book, as I always do. It has many bad reviews don’t know why I devoured it in three days and it’s not a short book.

So, The honeymoon starts with Nora, men want to be with her and women envy her, unlikable character at its best. After the death of her fiancee, Connor. John O’Hara an FBI agent posing as an insurance man steps in the scene and falls deeply and passionately for Nora. Nora however, goes only for rich men, why? To kill them… with her special omelette for their money.

In the honeymoon there are references to Hitchcock such as the great Rear Window, don’t be fooled it’s entertaining it’s not equal to the Master of suspense of himself.

This is my first time reading James Patterson I would say this a good book it’s not War and Peace or anything like that. The chapters are only two pages long which makes it a quick read, it’s fast paced, the sex scenes were nicely done for it’s genre. Check my review for the quickie over this end