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The Couple Next Door Book Review

The Couple Next Door Book Review

The Couple Next Door Book Review

Amazing! Best book I’ve read so far kept me on the edge of my seat. This how a suspenseful thriller should be, a page tuner, and full of twists.

The couple Next Door  begins with Ann and Marco they are normal, rich couple, they have a six month old girl Cora. They are invited to a dinner party hosted by their next door neighbor Cynthia. One thing, they left their baby asleep alone in the house, while they took turns to watch over her every half an hour. By 1:00pm Ann had too much drink, tired, and feeling depressed, she urges her husband to go home. When they go back to their house, they find the front ajar and their beloved daughter gone.

Moral of the story of this book is when people are truly desperate you don’t what they are capable off and how far they go. The lesson this story taught me is, if you can’t afford to do something, open a business, buy a house and don’t have the means than don’t do it.


Behind Closed Doors Book Review

Behind Closed Doors Book Review

Behind Closed Doors Book Review

This is a scary, disturbing, twisted story, in fact, it’s going on my list of disturbing books. The story reminded me a bit of The Collector by John Fowles.

The story begins in a dinner party hosted by Jack and Grace they live in a beautiful home, he’s handsome (looks like George Clooney) she is beautiful and elegant. Jack is an attorney where he defends abused women. They look like their life is perfect but as the title suggests it’s not all what it seems.

Like how Grace cooks those extravagant meals and stays thin? Why they are metal bars on the windows? Why she never makes it for lunch with her friends? The reasons is, she’s held captive against her will by her husband (speaking of scary) it gets even scarier when Jacks tells her it’s not her he wants but her sister who has down syndrome.

This is book is brilliant got me hooked Jack was truly evil. The writing is wonderful, I really felt for Grace and her helpless situation and her fear. This story shows you that you never know what’s going on behind closed doors.

1984 Book Review

Nineteen eighty four 1984 George Orwell book review

Nineteen eighty four 1984 George Orwell book review


This got to be one of the greatest novels ever written it’s just breath-taking, scary, depressing but beautiful at the same time. I love George Orwell I thought Animal Farm was great but this is book is stunning. I can’t believe it took me this long to read it but glad that I did. This book was written in late 1940s and ahead of its time.
In this society there is war but nobody knows what the war is about expect once in awhile a bomb falls and blows people to pieces. There are posters on the wall that say “big brother is watching you” and a triangle building that a taller than the others which belongs to the party. This party controls everything I mean everything how you think even the past. They destroyed all the history books and re-wrote them. The TVs are too kept on never to be switched off. As the title suggest the year is 1984.
in 1984, Winston is the main character of the story, he writes in dairy although something like that is forbidden, among other things. He works in the ministry of truth as an editor. Julia, a young woman who maintains the novel-writing machines at the ministry and whom Winston loathes, surreptitiously hands Winston a note confessing her love for him. Winston and Julia begin an affair after Winston realizes she shares his loathing of the Party, first meeting in the country, and eventually in a rented room at the top of an antiques shop. They believe that the shop, being located in a proletarian neighbourhood of London, is safe, as the room has no telescreen.
Weeks later, Winston is approached by O’Brien, an Inner Party member whom Winston believes is an agent of the Brotherhood—a secret underground society that intends to destroy the Party. They arrange a meeting at O’Brien’s flat where both Winston and Julia swear allegiance to the Brotherhood. A week later, O’Brien clandestinely sends Winston a copy of “The Book”, The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism by Emmanuel Goldstein, the publicly reviled leader of the Brotherhood. The Book explains the concept of perpetual war, the true meanings of the slogans “War is peace”, “Freedom is slavery”, and “Ignorance is strength”, and how the Party can be overthrown through means of the political awareness of the proles (proletarians).
There is more but I won’t spoil for those who yet has not read it. Its amazing has to be one of the greatest novels ever written. Animal farm is also a great one I posted a review of that a few months ago.

Handmaids Tale Book Review

Handmaids Tale Book Review

The Handmaid’s Tale Book Review

The Handmaid’s Tale is about an extreme Christian movement “Sons of Jacob” kills the president, quickly start taking away women’s rights in this new regime called Gilead. The story is narrated by Offred not her real name, she’s a handmaid. Since the world is full of pollution and other things most women can’t have babies. The handmaids are fertile women that are assigned to houses of Commanders, a bunch of old dudes who are most probably infertile but it’s the women who takes the blame not the men. When it comes to err… sex, called the Ceremony Offred had to lay on the bed while holding his wife’s (Serena Joy) hand o.0

Offred starts a relationship with her Commander and they start doing a bunch of sexy stuff such as playing scribble and magazine reading. One day, Offered goes shopping with her champion Offglen, she tells her, she’s a secret member of resistance called “Mayday.” Meanwhile, Serena is not pleased that Offred didn’t get pregnant yet and arranges for her to spend a night of love with the gardener, Nick. This turns out as a nightly thing. Later, Offred gets word that Offglen hang herself because she was afraid the secret police were coming for her. She’s will be replaced with another Offglen. Serena finds out that Offred had been out with to a secret club called Jezebel with her husband and she’s not happy. The black van comes for Offred, Nick informs her that it’s mayday members not knowing if she’s safe or not.

The Handmaid’s Tale Book Review Spoilers!

The story finishes years later about a professor during a lecture about the Gilead regime and that, it might never happened at all.

I hated this book when I was studying literature, found it depressing maybe because I read it five times, and had to memorise the lines. Now that I’m older and read it again, I see it differently. I appreciate the writing and the rich storytelling, still this book is no walk in the park.

The Pocket Wife By Susan Crawford

The Pocket Wife By Susan CrawfordThe Pocket Wife By Susan Crawford

A few had been moaning this book is similar to Girl on a Train, how is this similar? Because of a woman got a drunk with her neighbor and the next thing she knew, the neighbor wounds up dead? So each book that has a story line with alcoholism, drunken night, and blackouts is going too compared to Girl on a Train? Every book is similar to another book, we can say that The Handmaids tale is similar to 1984. Fifty Shades of Grey is similar to the story in Bad Behavior-The Secretary, or Story of O. Well, Fifty Shades copied all great erotic stories anyway. Fanfic of Twilight that says a lot. Give a book to some people and watch them tear it apart. In book my character is a drunk so is she going to be compared to Rachael Watson? When she’s not even the same or similar? Get back to me on this.


So The pocket Wife. where to start.

What attract me to this book is its stunning cover. In the Pocket Wife we have Dana Catrell wakes from a drunken stupor in time to see an ambulance pull into her neighbor’s house a few doors down. Celia Steinhauser has been murdered. But Dana who struggles with bipolar disorder was at her house only a few hours ago. Celia wanted to show her a photo – a photo of Dana’s husband with another woman – and Dana has blank spots about what happened to the rest of the afternoon. Why the husbands are always cheating dirt bags in this situation?

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