Driven Book Review

Driven Book ReviewDriven Book Review

Oh boy! What I got myself into. I listened the audio of this while at work, it practically made me scream with laughter. This book is such a cliche, was this traditionally published? I like my cheese where it belongs in my food thank you. The plot is ridiculous, and again cheesy.
Driven is about Riley miss good and proper or so she says. She locks herself in storage room to be rescued by this mozzarella stick of a man. This walking cheese stick was making out in the corridor with another girl before he moved to her. Miss good and proper starts making out with this guy ew! She comes into her senses and pushes him away.
The hero Colton there is no way a man beds women with those lines, it’s laughable! Do women consider this sexy? Seriously? He’s the usual cliche with a six pack, because men without toned abs, are not beautiful or sexy, he needs to have a six pack. *roll eyes* he’s confident or so miss proper says a few of his classic lines:
“The best sex you’re going to have is with me?”
“You know I’m good with my hands.”
“And I have the right tools to give it to you.”
A confident man doesn’t have to say that, he doesn’t have too. In the contrary, it makes him sound insecure. His commentary during sex scenes was major turn off. Will this man ever shut up! Silly man. The hero is written from female point of view, how a woman thinks a man talks or acts. He sounded too feminine.
Nothing forgetting, that our lip biting heroine has three orgasms in a row. No wonder why women have such high expectations in men. What men has to put with it. Books takes us to another world from real life, but this is unrealistic in it’s best. Or I’m living a boring life, I don’t know.
The sex scene were tastefully done, not pornographic the writer did well on this. The writing was good.
So, he bets on her to have a date with him, there is contract (Fifty shades of grey?)And stalking. Stalking is so sexy such a turn on to be stalked around by a hot guy. Not! Restraining order! The usual he’s messed up, unwilling to commit, and the woman that will change him. Ugh! Oh he’s adopted (again, Fifty shades of grey?)
This is not the type of genre I would normally read/listen to. I chose this book for entertainment, to ease the boredom of my tedious work. It was entertaining. The soundtrack is also corny. If you run out of mozzarella for your pizza, you can put this book instead and you’re done.
In Driven, Riley knew what type of a man Colton is, he’s up front with his painful dialogue still she sleeps with him hoping that she would have relationship with him? To change him? He rejects her and what does she do? She sleeps with him, again. A doormat who whines, she’s getting hurting, than honey you had coming. No sympathy. I liked his sister funnily enough despite the bitchiness. Meow! The ending was predictable.