Jet Exposed Lynda Filler

Jet Exposed Lynda Filler Jet Exposed Lynda Filler


Wow, wow, I devoured Jet Exposed in matter of hours, I loved every minute of it. Lynda Filler writing style is sharp, the story is fast paced. I loved this glittery sexy action thriller, I want more! The story is about Sying Li Ma, a dangerous and powerful businesswoman living in Shanghai, China, has stolen personnel information critical to U.S. national security and intends to sell it to the highest bidder. High-tech billionaire Luke Raven has been contracted by the U.S. government to get it back. Jet is rescued in Mexico while on the run with her young daughter from a drug cartel by ex-Navy Seal Zach and brought to join Raven’s team of highly skilled operatives.


Jet is a perfect addition to the team, and the story takes the team from Seattle to Paris to Shanghai in pursuit of their quarry where Jet and her colleagues must do whatever they have to bring down   Read my reviews by the same author over here…sun-lynda-filler/ ‎ ‎


Thanks to the author for the copy.