Lolita Book Review

Lolita Book ReviewLolita Book Review


Well… R Kelly fans (Joke) I took this book with me while on holiday and read it on my coach rides. The way it’s written it’s unique. I never came a book with such voice and style yet. I found it difficult to read though. This was Nabokov first book he wrote in English. At first, I enjoyed the book I wanted to understand Humbert but the more I turned the pages the angrier I got.

He held that girl hostage forbidding her to take part in after-school activities or to associate with boys. I couldn’t sympathies with a pedophile, a pervert and a snob who uses beautiful words. I was pleased that by the end Humbert got what he deserved. Although its listed one of the best 100 books of all time sorry I didn’t enjoy it that much. Everyone has an opinion what makes a book great don’t need to shove it on my face.

P.S I think that when she died giving birth she was set free.