Writing The First Draft it’s meant to suck

The first draft meant to suck. 

The First Draft meant to Suck


The first draft meant to suck: it’s called the first draft for many reasons and it’s meant to suck. The first draft is jointing down your ideas on paper. Whatever you do, don’t look at what you wrote. I repeat; don’t look at what you wrote. Why? Because that’s comes later on the revising of the draft, yes prepare to be mortified, the first draft meant to suck Correct none grammatical errors or spelling that also goes in revising phrase.


Some writers like to edit the first draft hoping it will be beautifully written. In that turtle mood, you’ll never finish the thing. Your focus is to slap “The End” at the bottom of the page and don’t go crazy on editing. Don’t show it to anybody not to your loved ones, not even to your dog or cat, not until you adjusted it yourself and for God Sake don’t send it over to an editor. Just don’t.  Don’t think about publishing either that is something beyond your control worry about it later.


I just recently finished drafting a Sci-Fi/Dystopian novel. My main genre is Thriller/Mystery, but I had this idea so, I decided to write it without stopping and its done standing on 82K without editing one word. I need remove the first chapter and add it in the later chapters, re-write chapter 2, which is going to be chapter 1. I might have to re-write the whole thing but hey this writing no-one said it’s going to be easy. Stop complaining. Re-writes are what makes good writing, so re-write and rewrite and yes, do cry.  It’s okay. You can do it. You are going to be fine. The re-writes are toughest in the whole progress. Actually, writing the first draft is the fun part.


Bottom line, butt in chair, and write. Don’t worry about verbs and repeated words it will be fixed later.

Happy writing.


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