Welcome About Me

Hello I’m Joanne and I welcome you to my official website.


Short version: I’m obsessed with passionate stories that go terribly wrong. That’s why I chose to write thrillers. I’m an avid reader, and beta reader. My debut novel called, “Until I get you” currently, on beta reading/editing phrase. You can read the first few chapters over here http://joannewritesbooks.com/thriller-until-i-get-you-sample-chapters/

 Long Version: I’m tall, curly bookkeeper by day, writer, and beta reader by night. I love wine, food, watching old movies, and listening rock music. Sometimes, the louder and the heaviest the better. I’m a former model, I did photo shoots, took part in competitions such as Miss World and a few catwalk shows, until I realized it’s not for me. I’m engaged to an amazing man and still ask him why he likes me.

I love wearing black, I’ll get a lot of complaints about it. I believe that once in awhile, you should wear pink and bight lipstick, life is too short.
A few of my favourite authors: George Orwell, Charles Bukowski, Charles Dickens, Nicci French, Patrick McGrath.



 I also have a facebook group based on thriller/mystery/suspense for those who are interested in joining in just copy and paste link below 🙂
Thriller facebook group

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