5 authors that influenced my writing.

5 authors that influenced my writing.

5 authors that influenced my writing.

Those 5 authors I will mention here have inspired me to become a writer or at least to sit down and create stories.  Although I’ve read lots of books from different authors and different genres, I always return to their books. So who are the 5 authors that influenced my writing?


Stephen King

5 authors that influenced my writing.The first on in the 5 authors that influenced my writing. I have to admit; I find him overrated but in a good way. He is not a writer but a storyteller which is even harder to achieve when writing, the ability to tell a good story. The first book I’ve read by him was Christine. I’ve seen the movie countless of times as it is my dad favorite movie (he is a vintage cars fanatic) it played a large role in my childhood. The story is more of a love story between a boy and his first car, a 1958 blood red Plymouth Fury. The movie is good but when I read the book years later, it doesn’t do justice to how scary it is. Misery is also a good one by him. Love his writing style and the ability to make the reader fear for the characters where he put them in messy situations.


Nicci French


5 authors that influenced my writing.

I didn’t know this until years later that these are two authors husband and wife. I can’t think of a perfect marriage, two authors creating stories together. Read their first book when I was sixteen Killing me Softly an erotic thriller that made me fall in love with writing. Perhaps, I was a little too young to read a book of that sort but I fell in love with the words. I also read other books by them and I was never disappointed. 




Patrick McGrath


Maybe he’s not so well known but worth checking out. He writers gothic thrillers based in the 50s or 70s and his characters are psychiatrists but it doesn’t get boring as he writes so well. One of my personal favorites is Asylum set in the 50’s when a husband and wife and their young son, move into a new house near an insane asylum of criminally insane, where the husband is assigned in a new post. The wife befriends a patient, has an affair with him, patient escapes, and shit hits the fun.


Charles Bukowski

5 authors that influenced my writing.I read his books recently. I love the simplicity of his writing, no big fancy words but simple flowing prose. He writes beautifully and hysterically. If you want to laugh aloud moments, check out Women and The Post Office. I was in tears reading those books as they are so funny not mention obscene.





George Orwell


5 authors that influenced my writing.

And the last one of the 5 authors that influenced my writing. I’m not a big classics fan but when I do read one, I appreciate the wording, the prose, and the message behind the story like in every book. I know a lot of people despise 1984 because of its depressing nature but for me, this book just took my breathe my away. I think it was one of those books that are ahead of its time and predicted the future. He is one of the authors that I like to return to for inspirations.




How is the author that influence the most? Let me know in the comment kindly share this post if you enjoyed.


Happy writing & Reading xx


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