Antihero examples.
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Antihero examples. Let’s Talk Antiheros what are they and how to write them. 

Antihero examples. Let’s Talk Antiheros what are they and how to write them. 


Last week I covered the difference between Villains and Antagonists you can it read it here. Today’s post is about Antiheroes. If we look in the dictionary for the meaning of antiheroes, we find this 


A central character in a story, film, or drama who lacks conventional heroic attributes.

“with the age of the anti-hero, baddies and goodies became less distinguishable from one another,”



The hero is about the good and doing the right thing. Fighting evil, saving the world, rescues people from kidnapping because it is wrong and an inhuman act.


Antiheroes still fight evil BUT they could be for their own selfish reasons. Such as recusing someone from knapping but not because kidnapping is inhuman and a terrible thing but because they could get their ship back, I’m pointing at you Capitan Jack Sparrow.


Or they promise a loved one to protect her son, but they didn’t promise to be nice to them while doing it Professor Snape I’m looking at you.


Antiheroes do the right thing for all the wrong reasons.



Another Antihero example is Hans Solo from Star Wars, Alex from The Clockwork Orange although, that character did so many terrible things he deserved nothing but pain. That’s just my opinion. Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye.

How to create an antihero? Here are five steps. Antihero examples. 

Give them rules.

They need set rules they will never cross because they are wrong maybe they have no problem killing people but they draw a line when it comes to animals and children. They help the old lady cross the street.


Give them a goal.

They leave the saving of the world to the hero but they want to be part of the world saving because it’s a good thing to do. It could be for a sum of money, glory or because it’s fun. They need not care what they are fighting for but they care what will do for them.


They don’t have to super-hot.


Although we all love a bit of eye candy they don’t have to be devastatingly handsome dark-haired, blonde, blue-eyed, or chiseled, get creative.

They need not be your main character.


The antihero can play the supporting rule you can make them as your MC by all means but an antihero works great along with your MC.



Give them an Arc.


Antiheroes don’t need to be the knight in shining armour but they should come out in the story with a good/positive trait that is an arc. Every character needs one.


Happy writing and reading

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