Average amount of words in a chapter
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Average amount of words in a chapter

The average amount of words in a chapter


“How many words or how long chapters should be in a book?”


I see this question being asked all the time on Facebook groups. It is a dilemma of each writer’s faces when writing. What are the Average amount of words in a chapter?


There are no rules.


That’s right there is no rule for the average amount of words in a chapter. Some books don’t even have a chapter an example of a book I recently read, Our Kind of Cruelty doesn’t’ have any. It had the * to indicate an end of a scene.


It is up to you but within reason


Average amount of words in a chapter


Before you start or end a chapter play it in your head like an act. Example chapter 1 is act 1 chapter 2 is act 2 and so on. Each chapter should contain different scenes to move the story forward. Important scenes are going to be longer than average.






Example chapter 4 is 2,000 words while chapter 5, is 3,000.




There is no rule that the average amount of words in a chapter should contain the same word count.




Finding your own style


What do I mean by this? Look at other works out there, see what other authors are doing. Learn from published books. If I open a book by James Patterson, I’ll know that his chapters are short about three pages long which, makes it great as the story will be fast-paced. Good for the thrillers genre but I have read thrillers that are six to eight pages long.


See what writers within your genre are doing but each story is different so keep that in mind.






Average amount of words in a chapterI’ve seen chapters that have one sentence.


There are chapters that have a paragraph.


There are chapters that are 12 even 30 pages long.







According to research I made although it is not the rule 2,000 to 5,000 is a decent a length.


Remember there is no rule on chapters. It is the story that counts and finding your own style and do what is necessary for the plot.


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Happy Writing xxx 



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