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Basic methods of outlining a novel

November 11, 2017
Basic methods of outlining a novel

Basic methods of outlining a novel




Here are few tips on how to write an outline for your novel these are the basic methods of outlining a novel. 





Do I have to write an outline for your novel? No, there are writers who are pansters, I will write a post about that later one. You can sit down and write, however, outline works better for me. I’m not going to post a lot of examples to keep it as simple as possible as it can be overwhelming. Here a 2 basic steps of how you should outline:]]








Step 1. You can write an outline for your novel by scribbling down a summary of the entire novel this is what I do and it’s my favorite method of outlining. Basically, you jot down all of your ideas. You’ll be surprised how inspired you become. Make sure, you know your ending before you write that masterpiece. You can use this method then add dialogue, a description so on.


Step 2. You can write an outline for your novel by doing a chapter by chapter summary, you write down a summary of each chapter how the story is going to evolve.


There is also the skeleton outline example:


-The story will take place in England.

-We are introduced to Franklin he’s goth and musician.

-Madeline is a patient in a mental hospital.


-Franklin father dies.

-Madeline escapes the hospital.

Rising Action

-Franklin meets Madeline in a bar.

-Franklin escapes with her and starts to see how dangerous this woman is.


-Franklin tries to escape from Madeline wrath.

-Madeline stabs him.

-Franklin manages to escape and drives to a hospital with a knife on his back, he arrives in the hospital but faints.


-Franklin is alive and well.

-Madeline was caught and committed to a maximum security ward in the hospital.


  1. Brilliant! I’ve been meaning to finally get my ideas for a novel down on paper but I always feel intimidated by planning it all out. I think outlining it like this will be super helpful 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for this. I got stuck after writing 3 pages of my introduction. I have an idea of what I want for my story but had no idea on how to carry on developing it.

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