Best books I’ve read this year 

Best thrillers books I’ve read this year

Best books I’ve read this year 


Before I start not all books were released this year.  All of these books on the list are on the Thiller mystery genre so romance/ sci-fi etc won’t be in this list. Sorry. 


Behind her eyes by Sarah Pinborough 

Best books I’ve read this year. 


Frist of the best books I’ve read this year. This book is amazing, it’s about Louise, a single mother who works as a secretary. One a rare night out she meets a man, the chemistry is a spot on, they kiss, and there is a problem, he’s married. On Monday, Louise goes to work to greet her new boss and yes, you guessed it, it’s the man from the bar, David. Louise bumps to Adele, David’s wife, she’s beautiful but in need of a new friend. Louise and Adele become friends. Adel and David look like a perfect couple but why he’s so controlling? Why is Adele so scared of him? The ending blew my mind. A must read!




















Final girls by Railey Sager 

Best books I’ve read this year. This book is a mixture of thriller and horror. The story is about Quincy; she has a caring fiancée Jeff; she has her own popular baking blog, a beautiful apartment, she takes Xanax, and once a year she meets with Coop, the policeman
who saved her life.

Ten years ago, she went on a vacation at Pine cottage wither friends and came back alone. She’s the sole survivor of a massacre, and she joined a club known to the press as the “Final Girls.” There is Lisa, who lost nine sorority sisters killed by the hands of a college drop out. There is also Sam, who survived an attack by the sack man during a night shift at an inn. Despite the press attempts, the three women never met.

Until, Lisa, the first “Final Girl”, is dead, Sam, the second “Final girl” shows up at Quincy doorstep. Sam is interested in Quincypast and to relive the experience she went through but what happened at Pine Cottage?

This is book is scary and creepy had me on the edge of my seat.




















Behind Closed Doors by B.A Paris

Best books I’ve read this year. 


I started this book at the beginning of this year and left me breathless. We have Jake and Grace they a perfect couple, he’s handsome she’s elegant and graceful, you know the drill. They live in a beautiful home, she cooks elaborate meals and remains slim. They are never seen apart. sounds like the ideal marriage, right?

This is a thriller so of course not.

Why Grace never meets her friends for lunch? Why she never picks up the phone? Why there are bars on the windows? One of the most disturbing I’ve read this year, review up here





















The Vanishing year by Kate Moretti 

Best books I’ve read this year. 


Another of the best books I’ve read this year is the last book I’ve read for this year, Zoe is a beautiful young wife of a Wall Street tycoon Henry Whittaker he’s handsome and powerful. They live in a penthouse in New York and they have a gorgeous country house, the finest
wine and food and the designer clothes.

Zoe has secrets, no-one knows that her life was in danger when she wasn’t Zoe but Harley and the past is coming back to haunt her.

Why Henry always calls? Why does he decide what she wears? What should she eat? I wanted to punch her husband with this book and if you read this book, you will know the reason why.





















You by Caroline Kepnes 

Best books I’ve read this year. 


Last book of the best books I’ve read this year. My God this book is good, scary but great and disturbing and makes you realize the society we live in and the dangers of social media. So, we have Joe as in the average Joe, nothing special works in a bookstore harmless, right? Wrong. Ask Beck, an aspiring writer that walks in his book store one day. He gets her name from her credit card and like everyone else, he Google her. She has a public Facebook account; she tweets all the time, and in fact, this woman airs her shit all over social media. Didn’t like her one bit.

As for Joe, he’s a psychopath, but a lovable one. His rants are hilarious had me laugh aloud a few times, and what he says is so true. Here I was reading this dark little book agreeing with a stalker and a killer. He moves to stalker to boyfriend and knows everything about Beck but let’s face it, it’s her fault. I can’t wait for TV show of this amazing book. It makes me want to read it again it was this good.

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