Best current books to read

Best current books to read: Top five best books I’ve read so far.

Best current books to read top five best books I’ve read so far.


Since spring is here and summer is among us (it feels like it’s already summer in this part of the world) I’m making a list of the best books I’ve read from the beginning of the year since now. So, far I’ve read 32 books out of 70. I’m quite busy this year so I don’t know if I’ll finish this goal but we will see. Without further ado, here is the list of the best current books to read. 


Disclaimer: These books I’ve chosen are just in my opinion.


The wife between us by  Greer Hendricks and  Sarah Pekkanen 


best current books to read



The first on the list of the best current books to read top five books I’ve read this year. At first, when you open this book and start to read it, you’ll think this about a woman scorned, out of revenge to the get the woman that replaced her. You’ll think that the wife used to embarrass her husband, and he got rid of her. You’ll think two different narratives are telling the story but I’m not going to say more. Read my review over here.







The woman next door Cass Green


best current books


This is a story about neighbors hadn’t we had that fussy neighbor we just want to avoid? This what it first appeared at first. Told by two women very different from one another, Hester a widowed 60 something who lives with her dog and Melissa a glamorous 30 something with a husband and a teenage daughter. Melissa does something terrible; Hester comes to help her but is it a good idea? Read my review over here.











Keeper her safe by K.A Tucker


best current books

Another best current books. It’s listed under a romance I don’t know why it has romantic bits which is fine nothing over the top as I am not keen on that genre. I’m not saying it’s bad just it’s not for me. The story starts with Noah who arrives home after a game and finds his mother, Jackie drunk as usual. Jackie is a chief of the police department. She starts to tell Noah about a case that happened fourteen years ago that involved his childhood friend Gracie’s father.

Everyone thought her father a cop, was guilty, and corrupt. Jackie commits suicide while Noah is the shower. Gracie lives in a trailer park with heroin-addicted of a mother. Noah shows up at her door, one day and two have to find what really happened to her father.








Her Every Fear Peter Swanson


best current books


Also following the neighbor theme, Kate moves from London to Boston after a brutal attack by her ex-boyfriend. She swaps apartments with her cousin Corbin. BUT things are not looking so bright when his next-door neighbor was murdered on the day Kate moves in. (Got to love thrillers)  the police are interested in Corbin who is now in London living in Kate apartment.








We are the aunts Shaun David Hutchinson


best current books


Last of best current books. With such opening line “life is bullshit” it peeked my interest and I don’t read YA Sci-Fi but I’m so happy that I found this beautiful book. It has nothing not with aliens although the character does get abducted by aliens, the story is so wonderful and touching. This is about questions we seem to ask ourselves from time to time. Is life worth it? Why is life so hard? What is happening to humanity? Read the review here.







Happy writing and reading xx



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