Best THRILLER books of 2018

Best THRILLER books of 2018

Best THRILLER books of 2018


The Wife Between us By Geer Hendricks 


Best THRILLER books of 2018


This book came out at the beginning of the year. The story follows two women, the neglected wife Nelly, and her replacement, Vanessa. Richard, the ex-husband sounds too good to be true. The story gives you the impression Nelly is out to seek revenge on Vanessa, to hurt her because of the divorce. It’s a well-written suspense story. Part 2 of the book it’s when the truth comes out.






Jar of hearts by Jennifer Hillier 


Best THRILLER books of 2018


This is a dark and twisted tale and rather graphic. Geo is soon to be out of prison after the murder of her best friend Angela fourteen years back. Angela’s body was discovered chopped to pieces. Calvin was Geo first love and a serial killer who loved cinnamon hearts. A bit of foreshadowing there. For fourteen years Geo knew what happened to her friend and never told a soul, an unlikable character but interesting to read. Well-developed characters, dark, and sexy at the times one of best thriller books of 2018.









Stalker By Lisa Stone 


Best THRILLER books of 2018



Derek has a successful business installing security cameras, he lives with his mother and spends his evening spying on his customers. His excuse is? To watch after them as he considers them his friends. A series of crimes hit his neighborhood, it’s natural that D.C Beth Myers suspects him due to his suspicious behavior. A rather funny but addictive story.




Her pretty face By Robyn Harding 


Best THRILLER books of 2018


The story centers on Frances, Daisy, and DJ. Frances is the outsider in the private school world. Enters Kate, chic and funny of all the moms, she could be friends with, she is friends with Frances. Both women are hiding secrets from their past. One of them, however, is murder and a sociopath.








Jane Doe By Victoria Helen Stone 


Best THRILLER books of 2018Jane is pretty but forgetful, she wears pretty dresses with a hint of cleavage and wants to attract the attention of the manager Stephen Hepsworth. Nobody knows who Jane really is not Stephen of all. Jane has tricks on her sleeve, she wants to expose Steve secrets. Told from a point of view of a sociopath with a witty sense of humor this made it an enjoyable read. The way Jane mocks Stephen is pure laugh out moments. You thought Thrillers are scary? Think again this is a suspenseful, sarcastic little book. it had to the be the one Best THRILLER books of 2018



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