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My experience with Beta readers. The harsh truth about it.

My experience with Beta readers. The harsh truth about it.


Let’s touch basis of what is betareader. Beta readers are people who read in your genre or more than one and they give you their feedback as a reader. You can call them your general audience. You give them a sheet of questions and they answer it for you and give you their insight into the story and point out any issues. My experience with this wasn’t all that great first of all I couldn’t find beta readers. I looked on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads. I found three in total who committed themselves in reading the book. Others disappeared from the face of the earth. One kept comparing my book to another famous book so I dropped her as we weren’t going anywhere.


The other one that I found was free and delivered the book in a timely manner the other two had a reading fee. From personal experience.


I do not recommend you take this step one charged me $20 the other had a fee of $40.


Beta readers are volunteers but I’m not going to deprive anyone of doing a quick buck. 


Was their feedback helpful?


More or less yes it was but they didn’t point out the plot holes, character development, the overall structure of the story. Which I asked them to do in the set of questions I sent them along with the manuscript. The real issues in the manuscript came afterward when I sent the book to be professionally edited. When you are writing, revising and self-editing your novel, you become close it and you fail to see some of the issues in the manuscript.  That’s why you send it to betas, critique partners or editors to have a fresh set of eyes looking at the book.


Do I recommend using beta readers?


I say try it out and see how it works out for you. I won’t recommend paying anyone like I did to have someone read your work unless it is someone qualified to do so like an editor. You are throwing your money away just like I did. From my experience, however, I wouldn’t use betas again and I go straight to an editor.



Bad writing advice you should ignore

Happy writing and reading.


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  • Christine Hungerford


    My name is Christine Hungerford.

    I am a young writer and would like advice on how to get connected with more beta readers. I am connecting with these beta readers now, but I would like to know if you could recommend anyone to me.

    Thank you!

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