• Not His to Take a romantic thriller supesene novella 
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    Not His To Take

    Not His to Take a romantic thriller supesnse novella  Acey Summers Acey has a lot to worry about. He stole money from the gangster who hired him to cheat at poker. Now Acey has to find a way to hide the money. He has a plan. That’s why he’s in Devon to seek out his childhood friend, Elena. She holds the key to where he could hide the money.   Elena Gomez Recently heartbroken, Elena decides to start over in Devon. She’s trying to figure out what to do with her life when Acey moves in to the same block where she lives. She hasn’t seen him in ten years,…

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    In Her Words: A Psychological Thriller

    In Her Words: A Psychological Thriller   One night. One man. One Mystery.  Michael Frisk seems to be offering the exciting escape that Sophie Knight believes she needs. He’s carefree, gorgeous, and fun-loving. What harm could just one night of fun bring? Even though Sophie seems to have it all—she’s beautiful, lives in a swanky apartment, has a thriving career and a devoted husband—she’s looking for something more. Her unhappiness has led her to drink too much, something she tries to hide from her husband. But her alcohol binges leave in her a haze and suffering from blackouts.  One morning she awakens, finding bruises on her body and has no recollection…