Characters development and personality traits
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Characters development and personality traits

Characters development and personality traits


Someone left me a comment asking me about character development this is important because the characters are the story. They are going to drive the plot and make your readers sympathize with or despise them based on the choices they make. So, I made a blog about this subject about crafting  characters development and personality traits



Get to know their history


What I do before I start drafting is I create the character in my head. They start to swim in the back of my mind. Before you start writing think of your character, ask yourself what is their background.

Their birthday?

A Happy Childhood?

Not so happy childhood?

Where they went to school?

where do they work?

Their friends



You need to cover all of this before you start. It is crucial to know your character.




Give them a name and introduce your MC at the beginning of the Story.


When working on your characters development and personality traits, make it’s clear from the start who your MC is? Naming your characters can be stressful if you’re not sure to give them a temporary name or leave them nameless. I know it’s cruel but names are tricky. I use baby sites or when I watch a movie or TV show, I look at the end credits and pick names from there.



Make sure the name fits


What I mean by this is,  if you’re novel is set in the Victorian times, make sure the name fits the era. Modern names like Brandi or Chanel won’t go for that time period.




Tell the readers what they look like.


I love describing my characters if I read a book and there aren’t any I’ll be pissed. This is optional you don’t need to write down their physical description and your reader is going to visualize your character differently from you do. If you visual your character looking like Jennifer Lopez, the reader might picture her like Salma Hayek.


Don’t give a line-by-line detail of your character BUT if they have something distinct like piercings and tattoos mention it. If they have an unusual hairstyle do mention it as this add to their personality. Most importantly, as I said on the first tip is to know them first.


Characters development and personality traits

Other points to consider




Old or young

Accent if any

Voice is it husky or soft spoken.



Make sure you give them flaws


Nothing is more annoying to the reader than a perfect character to make their eyes roll. Make them human who will make mistakes and have flaws when thinking about your characters development and personality traits.


Does he treat a waitress with respect and leave a generous tip?

Is he cheating on his wife?

If he witnesses an accident, would he go and help?

When he spots a mirror, does he stop and admire himself?

Is he kind to the neighbors?

 All of these I mentioned empathizes on how they can react to different situations. Think of the seven deadly sevens. Each one of us has one so should your character.



Empathise with his inner self to surface on his outer self.


What do I mean by this?


Give your character a quest, a challenge, a motivate. This is what is going to move the story forward. This is what gives your character the inner dialogue.


What keeps him awake at night?

What are his dreams?

What embarrasses him?

What passion drives him?


Use your personal experience, remember to show not tell use body language and do your research. If you’re a male novelist and your MC is a woman do ask female friends how they react to certain situations. Is your MC a lawyer? A teacher? A policeman? We can’t be all of these people so, you have to go into Google or open your books and dive right in. 


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Happy writing and reading xxx


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