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Common writing struggles

May 4, 2018
Common writing struggles

Common writing struggles

I’ve just sent my manuscript to my editor and I’m revising a wip and working on the first draft. What I’m struggling is with my wip is, I can’t seem to find a way to complete the story. Anyhow, here are my top five common writing struggles that each writer should relate too.

  1. Coming up with an idea and you don’t write down.

  Does this happen to you? I’m guilty of this crime and ideas seem to come up while I’m falling asleep and I’ll be too sleepy to write them down. Or I’ll get this amazing sentence constructed. Go I bother to get up and write? Nope. Funny how the brain works.

Feeling guilty about leaving the house because you should be writing instead.

Please tell I’m not alone. Each time I go out hence meeting friends or with my fiancée I’ll be thinking about writing or that I should on my laptop, writing.

  1. Fear or second-guess yourself while reading your own writing.

God, I suck. Nobody is going to read the pile of shit, even my dog can create better art than this. What if nobody buys my book? What if I never be published, author? What if I never get an agent? I can self-publish but how do I get the book on readers hands?

  1. The shitty first draft. A big Common writing struggle! 

Oh boy, the cringe is real with this one. My first drafts are an utter disaster.

No description. Check

Repeated words. Check

Spelling and grammar. Check

Not sure what I was thinking. Check

How I’m going to fix this? Also, check.

  1. Becoming attached to your characters.

This is my biggest struggle at the moment. I’m not usually attached to my characters. (Yes, I’m ruthless) I write thrillers so I’ll have to kill my darlings at some point. Until I created Steve. He’s eighteen-year-old English man, a university student studying photography. He has long black hair, smoldering eyes, high cheeks, yes, He’s hot. I fell in love with him; I don’t want to kill him (not because he’s a good looking but he’s developing into this great character), and I’m trying to figure out ways to save him. So yeah writers life.

I make another list of common writing struggles next week. If you like, this please share.

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Happy writing and editing xxx  

  1. OMG YESSSSS to #1. I’m a blogger, but still…the number of times I have a genius idea or a gorgeous turn of phrase and don’t write it down……and then it’s gone forever…….ugh. I’ve used the voice recorder on my phone to try to capture the ideas, but then I forget I’ve made the recording!

  2. Becoming attached to my characters … yep! I fall in love with nearly all of them. It’s not a problem when I’m writing – I write romance, so being intimate with my characters is often helpful 🙂 It’s when the book is done … I miss them so much!

    1. Ugh, I don’t usually do as I write thrillers so I start with a certain detachment towards them but to save this character I’m drafting I don’t know what direction the story is going which it feels nice too I’m going to surprise myself. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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