How to create conflict and define your character goals.
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How to create conflict and define your character goals.


How to create conflict and define your character goals.


Every story needs a conflict, without it, your characters will have nothing going on for them. Think of it like us, what drives out of the bed in the morning? To pay the bills? Support our family? Save up to open a new business? The same applies to fiction. Without it, your story arc will be flat. Conflict is the plot of the story that will drive it further. How to create conflict and define your character goals? 



Give your character motivate, stop and think what is their story? What’s going to make them real? Example, how to create conflict let’s say your main character found his wife dead, that will give him the urge to know what happened and wants to find out who killed her. 


Their Journey



Make their journey as difficult as possible to achieve their goal. In life, nothing comes easy, so the same applies to creative writing, make their quest as hard as possible. What you think can go wrong for them it will go wrong.





Don’t forget your main character flaws. Their flaws is their weakness, let’s say for example your character is an alcoholic. This should be the barrier to achieving that goal as they are thinking about getting drunk. Add the negative along with the positive. Make the reader root for them to empathize with them. Make them care.





Let them be wrong


Make you Character be wrong. Keep in mind your character can’t always be right. Don’t make them perfect, no-one wants to read about someone who does nothing wrong, it makes them unrealistic. Your characters have to think like you, and sometimes they have to make wrong choices. That’s what is going to makes them compelling and interesting. It is okay if they are unlikable.




Continuing with the above tip in how to create conflict, allow your characters to make bad decisions this will mirror who they are. This decision will affect them achieving that goal or motivation. When you’re writing include your characters making wrong decisions, don’t make it easy for them.  Don’t let them get too comfortable.


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