Dirty Secrets of clean Sheets DK Walker Book Review
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Dirty Secrets of clean Sheets By DK Walker Book Review

Dirty Secrets of clean Sheets DK Walker Book Review


Have you ever wonder what the sheets of cheap motel beds would say if they could talk?

I’m sure they’d whisper about habitual cheaters and sex addicts that can’t be cured; with their numerous one night stands, staining their sheets forever. I’m sure those same sheets would talk about how strange bedfellows misplace their love, only too happy to find lust. 

So get up-close and personal with a collection of short stories of everyday people longing for lustful things. Find out why when the doors are closed, and the blinds are drawn, is the only time some people consider themselves free enough to be who they truly are. 

So never judge a person without walking in their shoes unless yours is next to theirs underneath a bed of a seedy motel

Dirty Secrets of clean Sheets DK Walker Book Review

This book made me blush, it’s raw, dark and sexy. It’s a quick read and well written. The writing was mentally stimulating. The descriptions were vivid I could picture the characters clearly.

My favorite stories were About an hour ago and Prisoner of my addiction.


If you’re looking for a collection of sexy stories and quick to read this book for you.


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Thanks to the author for the copy. Get it here 

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