Top 5 dystopian novels

October 5, 2018
dysoptian novels

Top 5 dystopian novels you have to read at least once 


I have a fundamental love for dystopian novels. If you are not familiar with the genre this is what the word means. 

relating to or denoting an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one.
“the dystopian future of a society bereft of reason”
a person who advocates or describes an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad.
“a lot of things those dystopian feared did not come true”

Basically is set in the future and a government takes over and controls everything. Without further ado here is my list of the best dystopian novels. 



Do androids dream of electric sheep.


dystopian novels


This book has quite an interesting title inspired the cult classic movie Blade Runner. Published in 1968 and set in 2019. Bounty hunter Rick Deckard signs on to a new police mission in order to earn enough money to buy a live animal to replace his electric sheep (hence the title) hoping in making his depressed wife, Iran happy. The mission involves hunting down six Nexus-6 androids  Deckard visits the Rosen headquarters in Seattle to do a question-and-answer empathy test: this test, can identifying any androids posing as humans. Deckard is greeted by Rachael Rosen, who quickly fails his test. 








Lord of the Flies. 


dystopian novels


Published in 1954, this classic is about school boys who get inhabit on a remote island after a plane crash. The story centers around them and how innocence slowly starts to fade away. These boys were civilized and well behaved but soon that also goes away and they become savages.  














Fahrenheit 451


dystopian novels



Third on the list of dystopian novels. Published in 1953 the story is about Guy Montag. He’s a fireman but he’s doesn’t put down fire but causes it by… burning books, which in this society banned are books (I hope to God this never happens in real life) He’s married but has no children. He meets a teenage girl Clarisse who her free-thinking ways make him questions the aspects of his life and his happiness. 











Brave New World.


dystopian novels



Published in 1932 this one is one of the most baffling books I ever read. It still, got me interested enough to keep on reading. Most of the time, I didn’t know what was going on which made it even more confusing it blew my mind. 














dystopian novelsAnd to conclude the list of dystopian novels. published in 1949 This is my all time favorite book also this story predicted the future although not as exaggerated as it is in the book we living in this society of being filmed. The year is 1984. England is now it’s Oceania. Winston work in the Ministry of Truth where he re-writes history. While in the neighborhood, he meets Mr. Charrington an owner of an antique store and buys a dairy. Forbidden is writing among other things.


In this diary, he writes about The Party and about Julia a woman he becomes fascinated with. The next day, Julia secretly hands him a note that says simply “I love you.” Winston and Julia begin a passionate love affair which yes the sort of actions are against the law. Still, I found the prospect so romantic as you had a man and woman and did what they had to do hence what the government said. Spoiler Alert it doesn’t end well. This is not the sort of book you would read on the beach as it deals with rather difficult themes and makes you question the human existence. 




How to write a thriller

Happy reading and writing xxx





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