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Five ways to add reading into your busy schedule

Finding time to read. Five ways to add reading to your busy schedule. 


  We’re all way too busy with fussy schedules that stop us to do things that we love doing. We drop our hobbies in the back burner to do adult things. I have a full-time job, a part-time job, and I write. As a writer, I need to read to get better and become inspired, without reading, I won’t write. Here are five ways of finding time to read. 


Set a reading Goal


finding time to read Goodreads have an excellent reading challenge where you can set the goal you want to read throughout the year. It can be 20, 50, or a 100 books it’s up to you. Don’t overdo it, it’s better to aim small.  You can always go back and increase the challenge as you go along. I find this useful as last year, Ive read about 60 books. This year, I set the goal for 75. I am already at 45 with 8 books ahead of the reading schedule.




Try to put some time aside dedicated only to reading.


A method of finding time to read is to put some time aside for reading. It doesn’t have to be two hours, even half an hour will do. Just switch off your phone or put it on silent, fill a glass of wine, or coffee, and pick up that book. Find a comfortable position, a bed or sofa and start reading.


Pick a format you enjoy


   finding time to readAnother way to finding time to read is by picking a format you enjoy. In this day and age, we have so many book formats to choose from. Such as PDF, Kindle, paperback, hardbacks, and audio. I always say the book will remain THE book. Nothing beats the feeling of the paper in your fingertips, the smell, but I’m a book lover. I always prefer the physical thing it’s more sentimental.  I read kindles too it’s not the same at all, but hey, see what works for you.


Buy cheaper books.


 Let’s face it books can be expensive bookworms splash a lot of money on books without a blink of an eye, but everyone loves a bargain, right? Bookdepository offers discounted books and it’s free shipping worldwide say what? Yes, it’s free shipping. There also is Awesomebooks where you can purchase second-hand books. You can look at charity shops. Amazon is another holy grail for books. For digital ones, you can sign up to sites such as Freado Bookbub Bookrebel Instafreebie and more. Those sites will have kindles as low as $0.99 even free, yes FREE! And of course, you can head to your local charity shop or borrow books in the library.


Listen to Audiobooks


 finding time to read Another way of finding time to read is audio books. Audiobooks are a good way to read more, well technically listen. The experience is different as you can’t see the words, or where the commas are placed but I find them so effective. You can listen while you’re driving, doing the house chores, exercise, or while you’re cooking. I managed to reach my yearly goal with them. You can sign up with audible for free for the first a month. Personally, I go to Youtube it’s filled with audiobooks and it’s always free.



Hope this helps here is a book recommendation to add to your reading lists Top-5-must-read-thrillers and Top five overrated books worth reading.


Happy reading xx

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