Top five BEST Thrillers I’ve read this summer.

August 5, 2017

Five Thrillers to Read this summer (if you’re having hard time picking)


Here is a list of my five thrillers to read this summer. that you can read while on holiday, relaxing by the beach, or with a glass of wine.


Behind Closed Doors By by B.A. Paris


 five thrillers to read this summerThe first on this list of five thrillers to read this summer. This book is chilling, it’s about Grace and Jack the envy of all couples, or so it seems. He has the looks (if you like the George Clooney feel in a man.) and wealth. She’s beautiful and elegant. They are never seen apart, it seems like true love. But why does she never meets her friends for coffee, although she doesn’t work? Why does she never answers her phone? How does she cooks those elaborate meals and still remains so slim. But more puzzling, why are there behind bars on the windows?









The Gift by Louise Jensen


 five thrillers to read this summer

Finished this books recently and it’s brilliant. Jenna had a heart transplant and she wants to know about her donor, a girl called, Callie. Jenna begins to feel what her donor felt before she died. Creepy right? She meets Callie’s still grieving family. Jenna looked like she had the perfect life and the perfect daughter. As Jenna begins to investigate what could have happened to Callie, the more unsettling the truth will become.









The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena


 five thrillers to read this summer


Another great thriller to read this summer The story begins with Ann and Marco a normal, rich couple. With a six-month-old girl, Cora. They are invited to a dinner party hosted by their next-door neighbour Cynthia. One thing though, they left their daughter asleep alone in the house, while they take turns to watch over her every half an hour. By 1:00pm, Ann, who has had too much drink, is tired, and feeling depressed, urges her husband to go home. When they go back to their house, they find the front door open and their beloved daughter gone.







Dean’s List by Stacy Claflin


 five thrillers to read this summer


Lydia Harris knows her marriage to Dean has problems, but when she finds a box full of news clippings, coupled with the great pains he took to conceal, the problems go from disappointing to dangerous. Nation-wide murders… in cities where he has travelled. She doesn’t want to believe him capable of such violence, so she searches for clues to explain the hidden clippings.












Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

 five thrillers to read this summer



This had to the best thrillers to read this summer, if not this year. I can’t say much because everything can be a spoiler. It’s famous for its ending and I assure you its mind blowing. I can’t presume that you will like it but to me it was simply brilliant. Louise is a single mother who meets a man in a bar and kisses him even though she knows he’s married. When Louise arrives at work on Monday, she meets her new boss, David, the man from the bar. His wife is Adele, a beautiful woman who’s new to town. Louise and Adele become friends. Louise has an affair with David. Adele seems terrified of her husband. You’re in for a surprise for this one.






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Happy reading xx

  1. I’ve added these to my list to read! If you’re ever looking for a new read, you should check out ‘Beneath the Skin’ by Nicci French…I read it years ago and it still chills me to the bones!

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