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How to write a book

December 2, 2017
Five tips how to write a book

Five tips how to write a book




Five tips how to write a book: Anyone can write a book, but it doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Writing a book is time-consuming; it requires a lot of discipline, skill, patience, and practice. I started writing at sixteen and I didn’t know what the show vs tell was, the plotting, how to write a flashback and so on.







When I finished my third unpublished manuscript, I was excited and nothing beats that feeling. I was doing NaNoWriMo at the time, and one of my fellow writers, suggested I speak to her friend, who’s a published author and editor. I sent the manuscript to her hoping, she’ll tell me how much she’ll love it. Wrong. What I got was harsh but constructive criticism from her. She pointed out I had backstory in the first chapter, a lot telling instead showing, etc. I wanted to die and thought of giving up. She suggested I read books about the craft. Sending my MS to her was learning crave for me.



So how do you write a book?


Here a few books to read if you thinking about writing.


 How to write a damn good novel by James Frey


Outlining your novel by K.M Wieland


Structuring your novel by K.M Wieland


Writing active Setting by Mary Buckham


Rivet your readers with deep point of view by Jill Elizabeth Nelson


How to write dazzling dialogue by James Scott bell


Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell.


On writing by Stephen King




There are more books about the craft of writing a book, but in opinion, if you start with those you’ll have the basics covered. 




 Five tips how to write a book: Join Facebook groups.


I haven’t joined any writer’s groups until recently but it proved to be the most helpful. People in those groups are in the same boat as you are. Either planning to write a book or wrote a book, and published authors. They offer feedback or any help you’ll require. I’ve had a lot of encouragement (and criticism) from the writing community. I found my editor through those groups so head over to Facebook; go to search button and type “writers groups” and start making connections.


Bonus: If you want to connect with me or have questions, you can do so on my Facebook page here or join my Facebook group over here.



 Finding your voice.


 The what? Yes, writers have a voice. JK Rowling has her voice and Stephen King has his own voice. Your voice is how you are going to tell the story. Finding your voice will take time and practice it will not come overnight.


 Find your writer space and time



Your writer space is where you are going to write. Is it on a desk in your study or in bed? Find a comfortable place that works for you, and set a time to write. It can be half an hour or two hours see how you are going to fit writing into your timetable.




And the last tip in Five tips on how to write a book I know it sounds scary but writing is fun and rewarding so butt on the chair

and start cracking.


Happy writing 










  1. It’s ironic that I came across your post this weekend because I’ve started toying with the idea of writing a book myself! I also never considered looking for groups on facebook for this particular thing, but what a great idea! Thanks for all the tips and info! Great post!

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