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Hide and Seek A gripping psychological suspense thriller

July 7, 2021


Hope is waning with Phoebe no closer to finding her best friend, Adele. Her suspicions involving her neighbour, Alan, have been cleared, leaving her no other hunches to pursue. 

Until the letter arrives. 

A message, written in Adele’s hand, paints a picture of a side of her friend’s life Phoebe never knew. Renewed with optimism that she is still alive, Phoebe launches back into the investigation. Among the pages of Adele’s communications Phoebe finds evidence pointing to an unlikely suspect… 

And yet another connection to Alan. 

He seemed so concerned about the investigation, wanting to help in any way he could. Was the man next door a genuine ally? Or working to protect the real culprit? 

Hide and Seek (Lost and Found book 2): A gripping psychological suspense thriller is available on KU or Buy here 


Part of the series Lost and Found




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