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How Not to start a book

December 15, 2017
How Not to start a book

How Not to start a book

Opening with a Dream

How NOT to start a book, Never under any circumstances, open the story with an action than reveal that the character was dreaming. Do not end your story that everything that happened was a dream either. Agents or editors won’t be happy with that.

Waking up  

Same as dreaming, do not open your story with your MC waking up and doing the usual boring stuff. Like brushing his/her teeth, making coffee, eating breakfast etc. The story should start with an action or at least, before the action. However, some say you can start the story with your character waking up with a gun pointing in his/her head because that starts with the immediate action.


The Tour

The tour is when your character is sitting in her room i.e living room and starts to talk what’s in it and describing his/her stuff.

How Not to start a book


The Mirror

Another tip in How Not to start a book is, do not example write your  MC goes to the bathroom and starts to describe herself/himself by looking in the mirror. Big no.no. It is considered one of the biggest cliches in writing.  


Family Showcase.

This is where your MC is visiting her family and starts to describe her mother, father, and siblings. Keep in mind that the reader is starting to get to know your MC so, give your reader the chance to get acquainted with the MC first, then start to introduce your reader to other characters.   

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  1. These are good and I am happy to say I have never done any of them. Yay! Do you have a post on how to stay motivated and actually finish a book? Lol that’s my problem.

  2. Completely agree with these tips, especially the waking up from a dream! I think that one of the best ways to start a novel is to read, read and read lots of different books – you’ll learn about all the different ways you can open!

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