How to craft a strong female Character
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How to craft a strong female Character.


How to craft a strong female Character


Lets’ face it, we all love a strong kick-ass female character. By kiss-ass, I don’t mean that she has to be like Lara Croft but qualities that show she is capable of saving herself not a man helping her. The days of the dismal in distress are gone. How to craft a strong female character.



Let have her weakness.


We all have straightens and weakness and when crafting characters we need to keep this in mind. Not only will this make your character relatable but also more human. We don’t want to read about a perfect character but the ones that do mistakes hence reflected their weakness.  An example Lisbeth Salander from The Girl with Dragon Tattoo, she had a traumatic childhood that affected her adult life.



She can be girly

The second tip in how to craft a strong female character she doesn’t have to be like a guy. If you want her to have short hair and wear baggy clothing that’s a personal choice but she doesn’t need to be as this falls into cliche. An example, you can say she likes to wear high heels and applies fake eyelashes and lip-gloss but you can add other qualities like she good with computers, speaks her mind etc.






Let her have struggles whatever it may be it’s tough out there and as a woman myself, I deal with stuff such sexism to name a few. Add this to your character think if you are a woman reading this, what struggles you deal with every day bring that issue into your story.


How to craft a strong female Character

Let her be strong when no-one notices.


Your character doesn’t have to display her strong emotions all the time. This is a good way to add inner dialogue or conflict into a story. Let her fight within own self an example of this is Offered of the Handmaids Tale. She doesn’t go about blowing buildings, or do brave speeches (I mean the book not in the TV show I’m not a fan of the TV show sorry don’t hate me) she fights in her own way.




Let her fail.


The last one in how to craft a strong female character, as I said don’t make her perfect, make her journey difficult. Let her make mistakes, make stupid decisions, this will reflect on her weakness too that would be a learning crave for your character and discovers new things about herself.


Happy writing and Reading xxx


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