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How to create conflict in your novel.

November 1, 2019
How to create conflict in your novel.

Keeping your book interesting is hard and there are a handful of things, I learned about writing through the feedback I got from readers.



Make your Characters Disagree with one another.

This seems obvious, but making your characters disagree is a great way to create conflict. This applies to each character through your novel meaning, your main character, villains, and side characters. We create side characters to support the main ones, but they don’t have to agree with the main character’s decisions. Tension makes a great tool to use, it makes readers root for the character and your character will be more interesting and realistic.




Secrets are a good way to create conflict in your novel especially, if they are sneaky ones that can cause betrayal, for example, an alcoholic who conceals their drinking habits from their loved ones. It also a great way to shake up your plot. When that secret is revealed or caught, it will cause a sense of betrayal and a new direction to where your story goes.



How to create conflict in your novel.


Family members

Nothing adds more drama than a bit of family conflict. Family members can be used for different reasons example, a family member your character doesn’t like asks for a favour, or your main character finds out a dark a secret about a certain family member. You can use personal experience and mix it up with fiction.



Give your character what they don’t want.

No matter how small and large giving your characters something they don’t want, can create conflict in your novel. It helps to build stakes. Know what your characters want by creating a character profile or write a down list.





Happy writing and reading xx

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