How to create flawed characters.
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how to create flawed characters. What are the three types of flows?

How to create flawed characters. What are the three types of flaws?



In this post, I’m going to write about character flaws and the three key flaw you can implement when writing your book. Flaws are important because it makes your character appear more human in the eyes of the reader. Nobody wants to read about a character who is perfect and possesses any form of a flaw. Here are is how to create flawed characters 




The psychological flaw.

The psychological flaw as it suggests it’s something psychological. It can be either alcohol or drug use. Something that triggers the character to abuse. Another form of psychological flaw is anger. Projecting your story with emotions is a good way to show the flaws of character.


how to create flawed characters. What are the three types of flows?



Physical flaw


The physical flaw is something psychical such as blindness or age. Something Where it stops your character from achieving what they want. For example, if they are old they lurk physical strength. Whereas they are young like a child, their parents will stop them from doing what they want. Another good example of this is in the Cormoran Strike series by Robert Galbraith (J.K Rowling). Private detective Cormoran Strike lost a limb during the war, it stops him from chasing after criminals.





Moral Flaw


And lastly in how to create flawed characters is the moral flaw. This is something that is considered to us immoral. Such as killing which in most countries it’s illegal. So if your character is a serial killer, that is considered immoral, stealing is another. If your character robs people houses, shops, or banks that is the immoral flow. Cheating is also something most people consider as immoral so if your character is cheating on his wife or husband that is a flaw.





Happy writing and reading xx


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