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How to find a setting for your story.

November 25, 2017
How to find a setting for your story.

How to find a setting for your story.



When you have an idea for your story, you also need to think about a setting. What is setting you ask? Simple, the environment where the story is going to take place. So, how to find a setting for your story? Here are some tips to help you. 


Where the story-taking place? Is it in London, New York, Paris, Rome, etc 



Time Period


Victorian times, World War II, Today.




The economic state


Let’s say your story takes place in London. But which part? Is it in a posh area like Mayfair or Chelsea? The suburbs like Richmond? Or dodgy areas like Hackney or Tottenham? (No offensive if someone of you reading this post are from there) What is the economic state is there a recession? Or just came out if it?


The Specific building 


Another to tip to how to find a setting for your story. Does it take place in a room? What does this room look like? A hospital? Or School? An apartment? An office?


The weather


The weather is important in a story setting because it affects the character mood and atmosphere. is it cold? Hot? The reader will discover if the character likes cold weather and detest summer for example. Make sure you do your research on that country’s weather. For example, if the story is set in Malta in July don’t say it raining because it hardly rains during that season, in fact, it would be boiling hot.








Before you draft, you need to have a clear idea who your character is and what he or she does because it will be part of the setting. Is she/he an accountant? A lawyer? A detective even?
If your characters are accountants or lawyers, some scenes will take place in an office. If she or he is, a detective most of the story will take place in a police station or around the city questioning witnesses.



You don’t have to be too specific though


Some writers leave vivid details out for setting, to leave it to the reader’s imagination.


It doesn’t have to be a real setting.




Genres such Sci-fi and Fantasy they don’t use a real setting because it can be fictional. Example Harry Potter although set in England, Hogwarts is fictional or Lord of Rings with places like Mordor this requires lots of world building and vivid writing to suck the reader into the story.


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Happy writing. 

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