how-to-find-genre for a book
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How to find which genre your book fits in?

How-to-find-genre for a book?

How to find which genre your book fits in? Before you start drafting, the first thing you should know is the genre. How you figure this out? Here are tips to help you.



  1. Does your story evolve in detective, private investigator solving a crime? Or someone getting killed, stalked, or a serial killer? Harassed? How-to-find-genre for a book? It’s a crime/thriller novel.    how-to-find-genre for a book?
  2. Does your story has a man and woman they fall in love, break up, and live happily ever after? Your book is Romance. how-to-find-genre for a book?
  3. how-to-find-genre for a book?Does your story have aliens, spaceships or advance technology? You’re going to write Sci-fi. According to research, I made Dystopia or Utopian falls under this category as sub-genre.
  4. Are you thinking about writing a story about a man and woman involving details of what is happening in the bedroom? Or outside the bedroom.How-to-find-genre for a book? Your story is erotica. Make sure you research the human anatomy to get things right.
  5. Does your story involve werewolves, vampires, or say sort of creature that you have a horror story in your hands.


Tip: there are different genres example because it has ghosts in your story it doesn’t mean it’s horror if there a hint of romance in it, then it’s paranormal romance.


Down below I found this chart that explains the different genres and sub-genres of books.


Happy writing x


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how-to-find-genre for a book?

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