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How to find motivation when you don’t feel like writing.

January 19, 2018
How to find motivation when you don’t feel like writing.

How to find motivation when you don’t feel like writing.


Sometimes we all feel unmotivated and I had plenty of those late last year. It’s okay to take a break from writing occasionally and catch up with friends, watch a movie or TV show or do something else that you love. Here are my top five steps on how to find motivation when you don’t feel like writing.



 Music helps me to relax also to keep me thinking about my book and generate new ideas. I walk to work, so, I always have my headphones on and drift into another world, where I can focus on what I should add or remove from my book.


If you’re like me you listen to music while you write, you can add your writing playlist on your phone and let your creative juices flow.



Carry a notebook.


I always carry a notebook with me when I wherever go. If a sentence or an idea comes to mind, I write it down and get back to it later. I’m a sucker for stationery so I always have my notebooks look pretty to keep me happy.


There are also mobile apps if that works better for you. I prefer the physical thing 



Listen to broadcasts.


Broadcasts are a great way to stay motivated. I listen to them while at work to give me ideas of what I should or making plans for publishing or just to stay committed to finishing the book.


I like to listen to this broadcast.

SPF Podcast

Set a mini-deadline


Another step on how to find motivation when you don’t feel like writing. Setting a mini-deadline can be effective as you jump back into your writing. Set a realistic deadline, if you know you won’t be able to cope, then set a small one like writing 1000 words in a week. Or finish a chapter by the end of the week.




It can be a fiction or a non-fiction book about the craft of writing. For us, writers reading is food for our brains. It helps us to stay creative and you can absorb other authors work. Reading can inspire you to jump back into the writing wagon and finish that book.  


Happy writing xxx


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  1. These are great tips!! I especially like the tip about reading. Taking time out to read is not only relaxing but it feeds our brains but also can be inspiration for future posts!!

  2. These are great tips. I’ve just started my own blog and after my first two posts which were a day apart, I went two weeks before finally posting again Friday. Hopefully I keep it up.

  3. I have a set playlist I use when I write. Some times I have pick different music to get the creative juices flowing when they get dammed up.

  4. Good tips. Sometimes just taking time off helps re-inspire ideas for topics too. Sometimes as bloggers we burn ourselves out and need a reboot. My favorite tip is music. Yep. Just moves the soul. 🙂

  5. I am so happy I found this today! I’ve been working on a project and lost my momentum and really needed this post haha. What helped me this time around was getting advice from a writing buddy and working on everything I could having to do with the story other than writing. Great advice!!!

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