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How to prep for NaNoWriMo.

October 19, 2018
How to prep for NaNoWriMo

How to prep for NaNoWriMo. Five things to consider before you start.

It’s time of the year again. Nanowrimo is a challenge that starts in November where writers from all around the world gather to write 50k in one month. That is about 1600 words every day. I did NaNoWriMo five times and won it five times. Here are some tips on how to prep for NaNoWriMo this year to keep in mind if you are planning to take part in 

Get Organised.

50k in a month is a lot of words so you need to get organized and plan. To achieve this goal, you have to write every day. If you know there is a day, you can’t write, you have to find another day to make up for it. Therefore, one thing to consider in how to prep for NaNoWriMo is to plan out your life before you start.


It is recommended to do an outline for your story and have everything jolted down but if you hate outlining that’s okay you don’t have to sit and force yourself to do one. If you’re panster find the meaning here at least make sure you have a clear idea where your story is going to go.

Don’t get discouraged

50K is hard work and by the time you reach the 30K you start to feel worn out and get disheartened. Question yourself where the story is going. I have been in this route but don’t give up keep on going, you made it far don’t give up.

How to prep for nanowrimo

Ask yourself why you’re participating in NaNoWriMo.

Before you even start, putting words into paper, ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve from this? Is this your first your book, and you always thought of writing one? Is it to be more productive? Or to form a habit of writing schedule? It’s good to have a specific goal in mind.

Get excited.

The last tip how to prep for NaNoWriMo. It’s good to approach NaNoWriMo with an open mind and get excited. Writing a book is an achievement and a big deal. So get yourself hyped up tell your friends about it. Looking forward to it. It a challenge but see it as a way to discover new about yourself.

Happy writing and reading xx

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