How to write a book review.

How to write a book review.

How to write a book review.

I’ve been reviewing books for quite some time now. I have authors who contact me to review their book. They give me a free copy in exchange for an honest review. I’m also a member of Net Galley  I love to read what’s out there, traditionally published or self-published it doesn’t matter. How do you write a book review?


Read the book.


How to write a book review.


The first tip in how to write a book review. If you are going to write a book review or rate a book, make sure you have read the book. Do not leave a book review if a friend read the book and told you it’s horrible. It’s the not the way to do it.




Be constructive


When you write a book review, include bits of the story what it’s about, without spoilers. Give constructive How to write a book review.feedback.
Which parts do you like in the story?
Why didn’t you like?
Did you identify with the characters in the book?
Why you didn’t?
Was it well written?
Leave a quote from a book of a particular line you enjoyed.
You can say it was good, and I have enjoyed it if you don’t want to get into many details. However, if you didn’t like it, give reasons why.


But do NOT attack the author.


How to write a book review.A book review is not a way to bash the author. I’ve seen my fair of reviews on Goodreads and some “reviews” are written over there are horror stories. A book review is about the story not aimed at the person who wrote it. “You suck” is not a book review telling the author to “jump off a cliff” is not a book review either.
Remember THINK before you type words are powerful and words HURT.





Do not call out the author.


Last tip on how to write a book review. Some authors don’t want to get into the rabbit hole of reading book reviews of their books. I believe book reviews are there for the readers not as a critique for the authors but some read them as a way to improve. Therefore, that’s a more reason to be respectful. 

Do not go on twitter and tag the writer for your book review and say something like this.
“Hey! Guess what I’ve read your book and guess what your book sucks! >Link to the Goodreads page. < @soandso”

If you enjoyed the book and you want the author to know how you loved it go to twitter and let them down without posting the review. Tell them I enjoyed reading your book. I always got a nice reply with a kind thank you. Writers love to hear from their readers just be polite.


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Happy reading & writing xx

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  • Karen

    Great tips. I agree, a book review that bashes the author reflects more negatively on the reviewer than the author. I have been in a position of reviewing a book that was terrible, and instead of writing the review, I emailed the author and told her I didn’t think it was a good fit for me.

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