How to write a good plot twist
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How to write a plot twist

How to write a good plot twist your readers won’t see coming


A good plot twist is the one the reader won’t see coming and create a shock to the reader. Good movies/books with a good plot twist are Gone Girl, The Prestige, The Empire Strikes Back, The Sixth Sense to name a few. How to write a good plot twist?


It must be unique.  


Any good plot twist is the one that surprises the reader if the reader figures out the twist, you lost the surprise element. What makes it unique? Readers are intelligent so you’ll need to be ahead of them. If you read the book or seen the movie Gone Girl, I thought Nick is going to get revenge but didn’t and that blew my socks off.


A plot twisted need to be excocted in a clever way.


Another way to execute a plot twist is the use a foreshowing. You have to include enough foreshadow just enough to make the plot twist make sense to finally pay off.  

The plot twist must advance the plot.

A plot twist needs to be more than fooling your readers. There needs to be a point to it. A clear example of this is the deception in The Prestige and the most famous of all is from The Sixth Sense they not just twists for the sake of it they explain the plot of the story.

how to write a good plot twist

Plot Twist must create a situation


A plot twist is the reason to make the readers want to read the story in the first place. If someone figures out the twist, still story needs to be engaging enough not to make the reader feel disappointed. Instead, the reader says ‘is this is it, I saw this one coming a mile away.’ But say “let’s not be what I think it is.” Were you excited when Darth Vader announced to Luke that he was his father? For me, I couldn’t wait to see what is going to happen next the result of the twist was better than the twist itself.

Plot twist mustn’t take away the readability.


A reader figures out the twist but they know something is wrong. The story needs to be good to make the reader go on reading to see how everything will pan out.


Happy writing and reading xx

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