How to write a thriller novel
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How to write a thriller novel.


How to write a thriller novel.


Thrillers and mystery are among the most popular genres in fiction. Have you ever read a good thriller and wondered how it is written? What are the main flavors good thrillers needs? Below I listed five tips on how to write a thriller novel.


When writing a thriller you need to establish, what kind of thriller you are going to write.

There are different types of thrillers such as psychological thrillers like Gone Girl. Mystery novels, which is solving the mystery of a murder or theft. Legal thrillers, or medical thrillers, military thrillers, Sci-fi thrillers you catch my drift.  




So let’s say your main character is a detective, and he has to solve a crime that is his motivate but don’t jump straight to it. Thrillers are about suspense and cliffhangers. 


how to write a thriller novel is start with a hook.


 A good thriller needs to have a good hook that throws the reader into the scene you need to this on the first page. Don’t start dumping information about your character in the beginning that what is called info dumping I’m guilty of this crime instead focus on the developing the character and let the reader getting to know the character.


Do your research?

You don’t need to be Doctor, a policeman, or a Lawyer to write a thriller if you are, well that’s even better. For us folks who aren’t, we need to do lots of research Google is your friend, use it. Ask on Facebook groups, use Quora, read newspapers or books. Watch movies or TV shows the possibility are endless but don’t skip this step it’s mandatory. 



Last tip in how to write a thriller novel. The charters are what are going to make the thriller and you need put them in difficult, messy situation as much as possible. Don’t make it easy for them. You have to make the reader worry for them this creates the suspense.


Happy writing!


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