JET: Reborn by Lynda Filler Book Review
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JET: Reborn by Lynda Filler Book Review

JET: Reborn by Lynda Filler Book Review


JET-REBORN, the lethal Mossad Assassin of Russell Blake’s NYT and USA Best Selling series JET, hides out in South Africa for a change of face. She retires in Paris, France and is determined to give her daughter Hannah the life she deserves. It all falls apart when Luke Raven, at the request of the British Royal Family, enlists her help in what turns out to be a high-stakes deadly game of revenge. 

From the shark-infested waters off Cape Town to an elegant townhome in Paris, to chasing terrorists in London, to the dangerous waters of the Persian Gulf in Doha, Qatar, Lynda Filler gives us JET at her most lethal. This fifth in Lynda Filler’s action novellas in her JET series for Kindle Worlds does not disappoint. 

What are reviewers saying about Lynda Filler’s JET series? 

“Hard to put down!” D. O. 

“Action packed and they keep adding to the characters—will definitely continue to read. Looking forward to more from Raven as well.” E. E. 

“This follows along well with original Jet adventures, as exciting as any I’ve read in the past. Kudos to the author. I want more!!” M. F. 

“A story filled with action, danger, and heart-wrenching consequences. Definitely recommended. Well done!” S. J. 


JET: Reborn by Lynda Filler Book Review


I’ve read Jet Exposed bit I didn’t follow the series so some parts where a bit confusing for me. don’t let this discourage you. 


From what I understood is Jet love of her life Matt has disappeared and now her daughter is safe in the hands of Luke Raven.


The story also follows Sabrina a journalist where she meets Xavier the prince of England who served time in the war. In the midst of the meeting, there is a terrorist attack in London Bridge I think this inspired the real terror attack in June last year. While Xavier is making sure, everyone is safe, Sabrina is brave enough to transmit the recording live from her phone where she attracts the attention of terrorist.


Entertaining and faced paced it is well written and you’ll be able to finish it in a few days. I would like to thank the author for getting in touch and send me a free copy of her books in exchange for an honest review.


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