Kiss me when I'm dead book review
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Kiss me when I’m dead book review

Kiss me when I’m dead book review

Book synopsis

The stunning debut thriller by bestselling author Dominic Piper, Kiss Me When I’m Dead introduces the enigmatic, London-based private investigator Daniel Beckett.

When Beckett is offered double his usual fee to track down Viola Raleigh, the missing daughter of a billionaire arms dealer, he has no reason to believe the assignment is not as it seems.

But his investigation is hindered as he discovers he’s being stalked by a professional surveillance team. As he learns more about Viola’s life as a drug addict and high-class call girl, he starts to realise that his wealthy client has been economical with the truth.

It isn’t long before Beckett himself is in danger, but his adversaries quickly discover that they are dealing with a formidable opponent with a far more sinister background than they might ever have imagined.

Dominic Piper is an author living in London.

‘Kiss Me When I’m Dead’ is a roller-coaster thriller that will grip readers from the first page to the last. 

‘A stunning debut thriller that deserves to be ranked among the classics of the genre’. – Robert Foster, best-selling author of ‘The Lunar Code’ 

‘A stylish story of dirty dealing in high places.’ – Tom Kasey, best-selling author of ‘Trade Off.’ 

Dominic Piper is an author living in London.

Kiss me when I’m dead book review

Kiss me when I’m dead book review- What a wonderful little book this is. I kept seeing the beautiful cover popping on my twitter newsfeed. What first attract to me to it is, the title and of course the cover so, I decide to give this a go.  


I wasn’t disappointed. 


I liked the opening line “when I first saw her, I knew we were going to sleep together.” It sparks interest who is going to sleep with who? Who is he? Who is she?  


The story is about a Daniel Beckett, a private investigator, hired to track down Viola Raleigh, a daughter of a wealthy arms dealer who had gone missing. Along the way, he meets a line of interesting and beautiful women. He is also being trailed by a surveillance team. He learns that Viola has a drug problem and is a high-class call girl.  


I don’t want to compare books but it reminded me of “Cuckoos Calling” written by J.K Rowling under a pen name of Robert Galbraith it had the same sexiness and edge to it.  


A witty and sexy story, I’ve would love to know more Daniel and his background as he is a man of many skills, it made me wonder how he’s so capable, it doesn’t cover that in this one, hope it does in the follows up. 


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