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Naming your characters. Three places where you can get name ideas of your characters.

December 7, 2018
Naming your characters. 

Naming your characters. Three places where you can get name ideas of your characters.

Naming your characters might sound easy, but it can be tricky. There are points to consider and the character name should reflect on their personality. Here are three places where you can gather ideas to name your characters.

Baby site

Most writers use these sites not because they plan to have kids if you are, congrats! I’m a frequent user of these sites to find names and get ideas. The names are listed by gender, some of them are unisex and are in alphabetical order.

TV shows/ movies.

No, I’m not talking about the actor names or their character names. Watch the end credits, look for the name of extras, crew and makeup artists, most likely a name will grab your attention.


Yes, I know it sounds odd, but cemeteries are a good source of information to find names and use them as ideas. Last time, I had been in a cemetery was in Edinburgh for a tour and I found a few good names while there. I’m sure the dead won’t mind using their name.

Points to keep in mind.

Be careful when naming your character makes sure it fits the genre of your book. If you are writing a historical fiction, made sure the name is appropriate for the time.

Fantasy usually has more original and unusual names from let’s say romance.

As for Vampires and other mythical creatures, make sure their names match for example Lestat de Lioncourt or Zillah sounds better Beckham Anderson for an 100-year-old vampire.

Happy writing and reading xx

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