Nano Wrimo five tips to get started

October 28, 2017

Nanowrimo five tips to get started.




For those who don’t know, Nanowrimo stands for “National Novel Writing Month”. This is a worldwide event where writers challenge themselves to write 50K in a month. I started nanowrimo five years ago and won  5 times. When I first heard about it, I was like 50k in a month that is ridiculous who writes 50k in a month? I’m a fast drafter myself I write about 1,200 every day (a good day) so, I thought this is not going to be so bad. I can beat this.


Wirimo can be a challenging and wonderful experience, even if it’s just to achieve a personal goal. Here are my top five tips that I learned through the years:


Tip 1 –  Find a suitable time and a comfortable place to write.


See when you have time to write. I normally write in the evenings because I work full time and that is when I have time to write. So, for you, it could be in the morning or the afternoons see what works for you. It doesn’t have to be two hours even 15 minutes a day can help. Find a room you feel comfortable in, for me, it’s in bed. I sit in front of a computer with a desk all day. I can’t write sitting in front of a desk again. So find a room that keeps you motivated.

Nanowrimo five tips to get started.

Tip 2 – Plan ahead.


To reach your goal of 50K means slightly more than 1,600 words every day. Those are many words, therefore it’s important to schedule, shopping, meals etc ahead,  because we need to eat, right? Prepare meals beforehand but I do not recommend junk food as you need lots of energy and junk doesn’t give you that, rather, it does the opposite. Let friends and family know you are going to be busy. For Americans, you have Thanksgiving so you need to plan.


Tip 3 – Whatever you do, do not edit.


I repeat do not edit. I know there is a spelling or something that you can easily fix but you don’t have time for that. If you go to fix a particular sentence, you end up getting sucked into editing and before you know it, you are lost in there and you will never finish. I don’t edit. I do this after I finish the first draft so I can laugh at myself when I go to revise. So for all you control freaks keep this in mind don’t touch a single word from there.


Tip 4 create a playlistNanowrimo five tips to get started.


I write with music as it really puts me in the mood and inspires my writing of the story. Also, I live in a noisy area so I need something to block out the distraction. To create a playlist it can be on I tunes, youtube, or Spotify this will serve as a soundtrack for the story you plan to write.



Tip 4 – Plot, Plot, Plot


  Plan, Plan, Plan your novel ’s outline. I never outlined my nimro and sometimes I end up getting stuck or filling unnecessary scenes just to reach my 50k so an outline can be handy. You don’t need a big fancy outline. Just jot down a summary of your idea so you know what you have to write about before you start. Also, carry a notebook with you. It will be effective if you don’t have your laptop with you where you can jot down words or ideas to be on track.


Bonus tip


Don’t forget to join the Nanowrimo groups and connect with other writers who are doing the same thing you are to help you be motivated and inspired.




  1. I’m really disappointed that I kind of forgot about NaNoWriMo this year. I guess we’re only on Day 2 so I could still give it a shot!

    Thanks for the helpful tips! I definitely struggle with not editing but like you said, there’s always time for that later.

  2. Great info, I’m trying it and must admit an outline is quite helpful. I decided to work on something I had a few notes on some months ago, I know what I want to create with it but finding 50,000+ words won’t be easy. But, then again, anything that’s easy isn’t that much fun at all.

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