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How to write a narcissist.

March 2, 2019
Narcissists how to write them

Narcissists how to write them: Personality traits of narcissists you should know.

A few months ago, I covered the psychopaths and the sociopaths and their personality for literary characters. This week I’m going to cover the narcissist and their personality traits to help you craft your character better. Dr Ramani explained what a narcissist is.

“It’s like looking at the mirror and nothing is looking back at you.”

They are selfish.

Tip number one in how to write narcissists. Narcissists are selfish people. Everything they do is about them. The world revolves around them and they are selfish by nature. As long they’re having a good a time, they don’t care if you’re upset or going through a rough patch in your life, they always come first.

They are difficult to deal with.

Since they are selfish, it makes them difficult to deal with them. They tend to treat strangers better than their own family members so, they can feel important. They are arrogant and act superior.

How to write a narcissist.

Their personality can change.

Depending on the people they around with, their personality changes accordingly.  They can be a tyrant from sweet and caring the next. Narcissists have a lack of sympathy from the surrounding people. They don’t love; they want attention and they return your positive with something negative.

They can be controlling

Narcissists have the tendency to be controlling. They can be cold and cruel. They chose their partners or friends who they can dominate and control- they chose people who can supply to their ego.

Narcissist are not psychopaths or sociopaths

The last tip in how to write narcissists. Narcissists are not psychopathic but entitled and looking for validation. It’s all about self-esteem with this folk. When they do something bad, they will feel guilt and shame. Shame is an important aspect as it’s a public emotion. Psychopaths or sociopaths feel none of that.

Happy writing and reading xx

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