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Plotting for pantsers. With two simple steps. 

Plotting for pantsers. With two simple steps. 


Pansters distaste the process of creating outlines for their books. I can say so myself as I am a pantser. The meaning of “pantsers” is we write in the seat of our pants. More or less make stuff up as we go along. Sometimes this will come back and bite us in the butt. I have to basic two tips of ways to plot without having to stress yourself about creating big outlines.


Plotting for Pantsers using the “What if.”


The what if is part of your plot basically you ask yourself what if my character did this, what if my character did that. It helps you figure out what your story is about. Do this simple exercise and see where it takes you. Here are a few examples.


What if a man walks home after a bad day at work and finds a dead body in his living room?

What if a man picks the wrong bag at the airport, hotel etc?

What if a patient gets wheeled to the wrong operating room?

A man gets into a taxi and the driver tells him he has other plans for him?


 “What if” from famous stories.


What if dinosaurs are cloned? Jurassic Park.

What if a shark starts to terrorize an island? Jaws

What if the wife goes missing on their fifth wedding anniversary and leaves clues for the husband? Gone Girl.

What if a woman kills her husband with her special omelet? The honeymoon



Plotting for pantsers.


Plotting for Pantsers divided your story into three acts.


Act 1


Introduce your character in their normal day and habit this will set the tone of the story and establish the what, when, and where. Then, something happens to your character that disturbs their world entirely.


Act 11


Your character is now committed, this halfway to the story where the complication takes place. There is no turning back for your mc and can only move forward. This is where the tension is heightened and force the mc to take courage didn’t know he or she had. The MC makes this discovery and fight the danger and relieve a piece of information.


Act 111.


Here your character is challenged. This is their darkest moment and this is where everything ties the story together and there is the resolution that leaves the reader either shocked or satisfied with the finale of the story.


Naming your Characters


Happy writing and reading xx





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