Top 5 tips for self-care for writers
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Top 5 tips self-care for writers for a better creative life.

Top 5 tips self-care for writers for a better creative life


Writing is tough. It is the hardest of the creative arts and suffering from a burnout can be easy. Here I list my top five self-care for writers for a better creative life.


Call yourself a writer.


It doesn’t matter if you’re not yet published if you wrote a manuscript that you are entitled to call yourself a writer don’t be afraid of it in fact, embrace its a great way for self-care for writers. 

Accept the fact that you always need to grow.


“I’m never good enough” self-doubt is a killer for the creative mind. It is natural to doubt yourself and you think your writing sucks. Don’t force it or stress on it. If you start obsession back away from the laptop and go for a walk or watch a movie.


Self-care for writers: Try to be healthy.


While writing we fall into a trap of snaking on Crips, chocolates, cookies etc that’ okay but if it’s daily habit than you have a problem. Junk food although yes, I know it’s delicious it can make you more tired. Try fruits or other healthier alternatives.


Allow your work to breathe and take a break.


Another method of self-care for writers- We want to finish that project but don’t forget yourself. Have a break occasionally I fall into this trap often. I’m an introvert and I suffer from social anxiety but I still try to meet my friends. Have a long bath, read as this will enhance your creativity, do yoga if this is your thing, do your nails, hair don’t forget about your body and mind.


Write what you love.


“Write books you want to read” Stop asking yourself why I’m writing this? If the answer is to become the next Stephen King, you might have a problem there. It is good to be ambitious but asks yourself are writing this story because you enjoy it and you’re passionate about it?


Writing is not the route the riches if it were, everyone would be doing it. If you don’t like horror or thrillers but you enjoy Sci-fi than write a Sci-fi. The reader will know if you enjoyed writing the book or not.


We worry about if you if find an agent? How to market it? If the readers will enjoy it. Shut those dark forces and focus on the story if you’re passionate about it, the readers will too.


Happy writing and reading xxx


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