• Best opening lines in books. 
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    Best opening lines in books

    Best opening lines in books.    Best opening lines in books. The first chapter or the first paragraphs of a book is the most important as this will set the tone of the story. Also, this is your opportunity to hook the reader. It is important to implement this in your writing. It’s not that simple the first chapter is the trickiest to write and sometimes, writers leave it for last. I’ve read and reviewed many books and one the best techniques to use is use curiosity.   Yes, you heard me, curiosity. The reader would think oh I have to find out what is going to happen next or…

  • Top 5 overrated books that are worth reading

    Top 5 overrated books that are worth reading

    Top 5 overrated books worth reading   These books are mentioned all the time because well, they are classics and brilliant. So here we go:         1. 1984 George Orwell Oh, this book is scary, so scary, but somehow, I found it romantic in a weird way. Am I being naive? Each book affects people in a different way. It’s not a romantic book; it’s not a love story, but the fact that these two people were meeting up in secret under such circumstances was breathtaking. Some books are overrated for a reason because they are good. You can check the review over this end       …