• Top 5 Must Read thrillers.

    Top 5 Must Read thrillers.

    Top 5 Must Read thrillers.    Since I am an inspiring crime/thriller writer this is the genre I read the most. Don’t get me wrong, I read other genres but nothing beats a good suspenseful story where it keeps you guessing what’s going to happen next, who is the killer? Thrillers are page turners. So here are my top 5 must read thrillers that I recommend to read if you are getting started in this genre or looking for your next read, either for on the beach or to relax with a glass of wine. Here is the list of Top 5 Must Read thrillers    Killing me Softly by Nicci…

  • overrated authors

    Top five most overrated authors in fiction

    Top 5: Overrated authors in fiction.   Overrated authors: Before I start off this list, I would like to add that I mean no disrespect to these authors. Their names seem to pop up in any given opportunity on Facebook groups, and other social media discussions, or articles.       James Patterson: His stories have short chapters that make a fast-paced and an easy read. I’ve read the Honeymoon I thought it was great. I followed up with the Quickie, which I couldn’t finish, and You Been Warned which was Okay. I’m done reading his books for now, as they seem to follow the same pattern, but they sell…

  • What is a pantser? Who are the famous panster authors? 
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    What’s a pantser?

      What is a pantser? Who are the famous pantser authors?   What is a pantser? Who are the famous panster authors?  A panster is a writer who doesn’t plot when writing their novels, I wrote a blog post about outlines, link over here: basic-outlines-methods I have tried both methods to experiment; I wrote my thriller novel by outlining, where I wrote a basic summary of how the story will progress, including the ending. I didn’t write a ridiculous 100-page outline, that’s half my book or, maybe I’m lazy and want to get started right away. My outline was a modest 2 pages. The thing that annoyed me was if I got a new idea,…