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Thriller movies to watch to help you with writing.

By on September 1, 2017
Thriller movies to watch to help you with your writing.

Thriller movies to watch to help you with your writing.


    For those who don’t know, I am a thriller, mystery writer and I’m attempting to write and edit my debut novel. Meanwhile, I am saving up for an editor. Editors are expensive but necessary; anyway, I will talk about editors in the near future. By no means I’m claiming to be an expert, I’m not but I’m sharing my journey of what I learned through my experience as a writer. I have been writing for myself since I was 16 (now I’m in my 30s) and have about seven unpublished manuscripts. I learned a thing or two but I’m still learning and growing to become better.


  This post is about thriller movies (worth your while ) to watch. Especially if you are, like me an inspiring thriller/ mystery writer. Movies might not be books but they can be effective to your creative progress. I get inspired by music, books, and movies among other things. Movies have a script and they deliver that infamous trick in writing: to show and not tell. You can appreciate how well crafted the scenes are through movies, these can be implemented in your writing, and of course in the most important part of writing, the dialogue. Here are my top five favorites.


  Rear Window


  Thriller movies to watch to help you with your writing.   The first movie on my list is one of my personal favorites. The opening shot is a masterpiece, but then again how could it not be when directed by the master of suspense himself Alfred Hitchcock. If you are looking on how to create the art of suspense in your novel, this comes highly recommend.


Ever wondered what life would be without Facebook? We most probably would be scoping at our neighbors with… binoculars. See where I’m going with this?  To take a glimpse of their life.

   Our hero suddenly finds himself in a wheelchair and so he is rather helpless and bored, to kill boredom he starts to peep on his neighbors, and then he sees something fishy and at the same time terrifying, one of his neighbors might have committed murder.


Inglourious Basterds


 Thriller movies to watch to help you with your writing.  Maybe it doesn’t classify as a thriller but the opening scene of this movie is a must watch also for suspense. This movie has two particular scenes that cause a lot of tension.

  1. The opening where we have the farmer and the Nazi Hans Landa (nicknamed as the Jew hunter). It’s clever how Tarantino developed this scene as the farmer and Landa are having a discussion but Tarantino gives us a shot of what is under his floorboards. The farmer is hiding a Jewish family. This raises the question, does Landa suspects already? Doesn’t he? Of course, the farmer confesses the truth and Landa orders to have the family killed but the girl runs away.


  1. The second time Tarantino does the same thing later on in the movie. Years later, the girl Shosanna Dreyfus, who had her family killed beside her in the above scene, is introduced to Landa and the tension starts to build again does he know? Did recognize her? Doesn’t he?


Basic Instinct


  To the sexy side of things, but despite the eroticism in this movie, we can’t deny that this an entertaining thriller with one of the sexiest female villains (Sharon stone), a seductive bestselling novelist who had her boyfriend killed the same way as described in her book. I still don’t get how writing a book gives you an alibi I thought it was supposed to mean that have to be in another place when a crime has occurred. Anyway, this movie can give you a good idea of how to build sexual tension and the cat and mouse chase.







China Town


   Thriller movies to watch to help you with your writing.Another film in the list of thriller movies to watch to help you with your writing. This film storyline is so good that I thought it was based on a book. It wasn’t. If you are, aspiring to write a story with a private detective in it and in need of some motivation for a good plot to create a stunning twist. I won’t say much about it, you have to see for yourself 😉












Thriller movies to watch to help you with your writing. Last one this list of Thriller movies to watch to help you with your writing. This is also my favorite thriller, I never get tired of watching it after all those years. Are you thinking of writing a thriller or crime novel with a serial killer? This is for you, seven people, not one of them connected, seven murders, all based on the seven deadly sins. Every scene in this movie is moody and dark that reflects the overall theme of the story. I love how they never mention the town and of course what’s in the box?







On a letter note you can also check out;








Have a movie in mind let me know down the comments below. 


Happy writing 



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