Top five BEST Thrillers I’ve read this summer.

By on August 5, 2017

Five Thrillers to Read this summer (if you’re having hard time picking)


Here is a list of my five thrillers to read this summer. that you can read while on holiday, relaxing by the beach, or with a glass of wine.


Behind Closed Doors By by B.A. Paris


 five thrillers to read this summerThe first on this list of five thrillers to read this summer. This book is chilling, it’s about Grace and Jack the envy of all couples, or so it seems. He has the looks (if you like the George Clooney feel in a man.) and wealth. She’s beautiful and elegant. They are never seen apart, it seems like true love. But why does she never meets her friends for coffee, although she doesn’t work? Why does she never answers her phone? How does she cooks those elaborate meals and still remains so slim. But more puzzling, why are there behind bars on the windows?









The Gift by Louise Jensen


 five thrillers to read this summer

Finished this books recently and it’s brilliant. Jenna had a heart transplant and she wants to know about her donor, a girl called, Callie. Jenna begins to feel what her donor felt before she died. Creepy right? She meets Callie’s still grieving family. Jenna looked like she had the perfect life and the perfect daughter. As Jenna begins to investigate what could have happened to Callie, the more unsettling the truth will become.









The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena


 five thrillers to read this summer


Another great thriller to read this summer The story begins with Ann and Marco a normal, rich couple. With a six-month-old girl, Cora. They are invited to a dinner party hosted by their next-door neighbour Cynthia. One thing though, they left their daughter asleep alone in the house, while they take turns to watch over her every half an hour. By 1:00pm, Ann, who has had too much drink, is tired, and feeling depressed, urges her husband to go home. When they go back to their house, they find the front door open and their beloved daughter gone.







Dean’s List by Stacy Claflin


 five thrillers to read this summer


Lydia Harris knows her marriage to Dean has problems, but when she finds a box full of news clippings, coupled with the great pains he took to conceal, the problems go from disappointing to dangerous. Nation-wide murders… in cities where he has travelled. She doesn’t want to believe him capable of such violence, so she searches for clues to explain the hidden clippings.












Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

 five thrillers to read this summer



This had to the best thrillers to read this summer, if not this year. I can’t say much because everything can be a spoiler. It’s famous for its ending and I assure you its mind blowing. I can’t presume that you will like it but to me it was simply brilliant. Louise is a single mother who meets a man in a bar and kisses him even though she knows he’s married. When Louise arrives at work on Monday, she meets her new boss, David, the man from the bar. His wife is Adele, a beautiful woman who’s new to town. Louise and Adele become friends. Louise has an affair with David. Adele seems terrified of her husband. You’re in for a surprise for this one.






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Happy reading xx

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Top 5 Must Read thrillers.

By on July 1, 2017
Top 5 Must Read thrillers.

Top 5 Must Read thrillers.


 Since I am an inspiring crime/thriller writer this is the genre I read the most. Don’t get me wrong, I read other genres but nothing beats a good suspenseful story where it keeps you guessing what’s going to happen next, who is the killer? Thrillers are page turners. So here are my top 5 must read thrillers that I recommend to read if you are getting started in this genre or looking for your next read, either for on the beach or to relax with a glass of wine. Here is the list of Top 5 Must Read thrillers 


Killing me Softly by Nicci French


 Top 5 Must Read thrillers

Frist on the list of Top 5 Must Read thrillers, this is one of my favorite books. I read this when I was 16 (a long time ago) and a little too young to read a story with such themes of sex and violence. I keep going to it again and again, it inspired me to write thrillers in the first place. I describe this book with the three S’s; scary, suspenseful, and sexy. This heart-pounding thriller starts with one of the greatest opening lines I ever encountered


“He knew he was going to die”


Isn’t that a hook or what? It makes you wonder who’s going to die? Tell me! That’s the prologue than the story jumps to Alice. She seems to have everything; a comfortable, safe life, the loving, caring boyfriend, close friends, and a job as a research scientist. One morning, she locks eyes with a man so beautiful, he takes her breath away (it has romance in it.) She goes to work and forgets about him, until she goes out for her lunch break, and finds him standing on the pavement, waiting for her. Creepy right? She goes and has sex with him without knowing his name 0.o you might say hold on a second, how I’m going to relate this? You don’t have to. Driven by wild passion for Adam a mountaineer who was involved in a climbing disaster, she leaves everything behind and marries him without knowing anything about him. Stupid move but anyway.


That’s when things start to get spooky. Mysterious notes, phone calls, women knocking on her door claiming that she took Adam away from them, so Alice goes to dig into his past and discovers disturbing secrets. The climbing disaster might not have been accidental at all. If you love steamy sex mixed with suspense this book is for you.


P.s The movie version of this book is horrendous does no justice to the book. Terrible.


The Collector by John Fowles


  Top 5 Must Read thrillers

  This book was a debut novel by John Fowles. One of his famous novels is “The French Lieutenant’s Woman.” This is considered a classic among classics. I know some people roll their eyes when they hear those words but hear me out for a second. This book is mind-blowing, chilling and creepy as AF.


   We have Fredrick an uneducated, unloved, and a collector of butterflies.    A beautiful, intelligent art student Miranda infuriates him. When he wins a large sum of money in the football pools, he quits his job, buys a remote house, and kidnaps her with a false hope that she will fall madly in love with him. The story is told from the captor’s point of view and the victim’s point of view, that’s what makes it so brilliant.


   I recently watched a TV investigation show (research purposes) about two young men who kidnapped women, locked them in the cellar, raped and tortured and finally killed them. Cutting a long story short, when the police went to search the premises, in the cellar, they found a copy of this book. As the investigation carried on the police found a dozen bodies buried by the area of the house. One killer found the other was never caught. Scary Stuff.





The silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris


Top 5 Must Read thrillers

A must read thriller, the second of the series. “Red Dragon” was the first, this book tells a story of a Buffalo Bill a scary fucko who kidnaps and kills curvy women for their skin.  In the silence of the Lambs, we find Clarice, a trainee detective who is assigned to interview the brilliant but dangerous and now one of the most iconic villains Hannibal Lector, in an asylum. He is the one that can help in the case.


What makes this character so dangerous was that he was a forensic psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer. Which makes everything much worse. Is it just me that found him charming? Read the book, no need to read the first one you’ll be fine.

Ps. The movie is also fantastic.








Misery by Stephen King.


Top 5 Must Read thrillers


Another in the Top 5 Must Read thrillers more into the horror side of things but it’s also a thriller. Misery is about a famous historical romance author Paul. He is involved in a car crash and saved by Annie Wilkes, his biggest fan. She is not just your average avid reader. She is his nurse, tending his shattered body, and his captor keeping him prisoner in her isolated home.


 When she finds out that, he killed off her favorite character Misery Chastain (he wanted to be known for books that are more serious.) Annie goes into an angry fit. She burns the only copy he had of his unpublished manuscript and then forces him to bring Misery back to life by writing another novel she wants. This woman is just terrifying, definitely one of Stephen King’s best novels in my opinion.









And There Were None By Agatha Christie


Top 5 Must Read thrillers

Last one in the list of Top 5 Must Read thrillers Last and not least is the queen of mystery who got her ideas for her books whilst washing the dishes.  This is one of her most famous books, having sold 100 million copies, and is considered her masterpiece and it is. The story is so original a must read thriller.


We have 10 strangers summoned to a beautiful house on a private island in Devon by an erratic millionaire that never shows up. In their rooms, they all have a poem “Ten Little Indians” on the dinner table there are ten figurines. Those same ten people are accused of committing crimes in the past. One by one, they start to die according to the way the soldiers/Indians die in the poem. Every time someone dies; a figurine is removed from the dinner table until there were none.


   I love the simplicity in her writing no big fancy words, no 500-page novel with lots of back-stories to cause confusion. It’s simple and to the point.


Top 5 overrated books that are worth reading


Happy reading and writing xx

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